Fortnite: How To Unlock Master Chief And Exclusive Matte Black Style

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Fortnite: How To Unlock Master Chief And Exclusive Matte Black Style

Learn how to unlock Master Chief and his exclusive matte black variant.

The Game Awards 2020 was a massive night for Epic Games and Fortnite: Battle Royale. Although the game did not earn an award, its developers dropped an enormous bombshell that appeared in Fortnite's item shop mere moments afterward. Xbox diehards and Fortnite fans can rejoice in unison, as Epic Games' latest collaboration brought them to the world of Halo. Many leakers indicated last week that Master Chief and other Halo-themed items were on the way to Fortnite.

The Game Awards 2020 confirmed that, with a brief trailer featuring Fortnite's well-known Fishstick skin and Spartan Petty Officer John-117.

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How to Unlock Master Chief in Fortnite

Master Chief is now available in Fortnite's in-game item shop along with multiple other Halo accessories. The Gravity Hammer pick-axe, USNC Pelican glider and even a little Warthog traversal emote are also available for purchase. All items cost varying amounts of V-Bucks, but you can grab them all in a bunch as well. Here are the prices for each item and the Master Cheif bundle:

  • Master Chief Bundle – 2,600 V-Bucks
  • Master Chief – 1,500 V-Bucks
  • Gravity Hammer – 800 V-Bucks
  • USNC Pelican – 1,200 V-Bucks
  • Lil Warthog – 500 V-Bucks

All Fortnite x Halo items will be available for a couple of days before leaving the item shop.

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An in-game screen shot showing the Masterchief Bundle available with V-Bucks for a limited time

How to Unlock Master Chief's Matte Black Style

Fortnite players on Xbox have access to an exclusive Matte Black style for Master Chief. To unlock it, all you have to do is complete one match of Fortnite on an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. When you return to your locker, Master Chief's Matte Black style should be waiting there. It's not every day that characters such as Kratos and Master Chief are available to play as in Fortnite, so if you're a Halo and Fortnite fan, this is the perfect opportunity  to grab yourself the latest Gaming Legend Series addition.

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