What are Fortnite Hot Spots? Best Looting Drops Explained

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What are Fortnite Hot Spots? Best Looting Drops Explained

What is a hot spot in Fortnite? The loot mechanic is back for Chapter 5 and if you don’t understand how Fortnite hot spots work, you could be at a major disadvantage.

Fortnite Hot Spots are a unique mechanic that has been in and out of the game for a couple of Chapters now. The mechanic aims to push players to explore some different places around the map. Ideally, it should mean that players are visiting areas they don’t normally drop. No matter which spots they normally visit, the hot spots should mean that extra players are all going to the same spot. So, you’ll encounter more of the Fortnite player count in each game. What is a hotspot in Fortnite though?

Fortnite Hotspots are a randomly occurring feature in games. You’ll find them in standard Battle Royale games that spice things up a bit. In each game where they’re located is random. What extra loot you get can vary from game to game. At the moment though, they’re an important part of keeping the map diverse, perfect if you want t a lot of chances to get loot early on. Especially with the kind of weird loot pool going on at the moment that can see you searching for a while.

If you want to get your head around Fortnite hot spots, they’re fairly easy to understand. This is how they work and why some players haven’t got to know them until Chapter 5 changed things up.

What is a Hotspot in Fortnite?

Fortnite Hot Spots

When you jump into a match of Fortnite, the first thing players do is check the map to pick their Fortnite landing spot. That’s where you’ll see the Fortnite hot spots. They’re marked on each map with a special font and color. You’ll see these on the map marked by their yellow name. What is a hot spot in Fortnite though?

A hot spot is an area on the map where you’ll find boosted loot. It has drones flying over which are unique to hot spots. You’ll have to shoot them down if you want to get the extra loot. You can hear these on the map and pretty easily see them if you just look upwards. Once you take one out, some loot will drop out!

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Unlike in other Battle Royales, the Hot Spot mechanic doesn’t affect general items. You won’t find extra loot in chests. It doesn’t increase the spawn rates of rare chests either. If you’re specifically after the best Fortnite weapons, then heading to the Mythic spawns will still work better. However, the hot spots still play a role.

The hot spots have been handled okay in the move to Fortnite Chapter 5. This season has seen the loot caches nerfed beyond belief, as Epic took out most of the good stuff but didn’t put anything in to take their place. The drones though so still have a role to play.

What is a Hot Spot in Fortnite? When Were They Added?

The Fortnite Hot Spots are fun for dropping into, but why have some players missed them? They were originally added quite a while ago, back in Season 9 of the game. They were part of the game’s build for most of the last few Chapters. However, they were recently removed.

Epic reverted the game back to its Chapter 1 build for Fortnite OG. It was a month-long event which brought in tons of new players, pushing Fortnite to an all-time high in player count. Far from just bringing back Chapter 1 players, this brought in a lot of new players. Heading into Fortnite Chapter 5 though, this meant some players weren’t familiar with the newer mechanics for the game.

One of these was Fortnite Hotspots. These features have left a few of the newer players a bit confused as we’ve moved into Chapter 5. Essentially, the only difference with the Chapter 5 hot spots is the loot drones though.

This means that chest density is considerably different from how the normal POI looks. There’s much more loot. Although, you’ll have to use ammo and expose your location with a shot to get at it. The drones do mean you’re getting tons of extra chances at weapons. What exactly spawns here though and what can you get if you go to one of the Fortnite hot spots? 

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Fortnite Chapter 5 Leaks - Map

What Loot is in Fortnite Hot Spots?

That’s the answer to what is a hot spot in Fortnite. However, the drones are really just the loot delivery system. These themselves aren’t the attraction, but what do they drop? What exactly can you find in the hot spot drones?

The drones have a fairly normal loot pool. They drop what you’d find in a chest. You’ll normally get a weapon, or meds. That’s along with some support items like ammo or things like bandages. In tiers of loot tier, they aren’t exactly focused on the high end. Players will normally get around green loot, maybe sometimes blue. Just like normal chests, higher rarity weapons aren’t often seen from hot spot drops.

The Fortnite hot spot drones have changed over the years. From time to time Epic changes the loot pool without taking much care of the supply drones. They often end up dropping a limited pool of bad weapons for a few weeks. At the moment they are working okay though.

The loot you’ll find here might not be the best in the game. However, they definitely make it easier to loot up early. They’re mainly useful for the early part of the game. You’ll still want to fish out your better loot for the late game though, especially if you want to win games of Fortnite. Is it worth heading to the hot spots every game though?

Should You Go to Fortnite Hot Spots?

The Fortnite hot spots are a useful feature of the map, but are they worth re-evaluating your entire game plan for? There’s a mixed perspective on this. On the one hand they’re great for getting early loot and kitting up without too much travelling.  However, once you know what is a hot spot in Fortnite you’ll probably know there are downsides too.

On the other hand, what you get from the hot spots isn’t loot you’ll want to carry into the late game. If you have a quest for these drones or your normal drop spot is a Fortnite hot spot, it’s definitely worth using all of the drones. There isn’t too much reason to go out of your way to land at one though.

What are Fortnite Hot Spots? Best Looting Drops Explained
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