Fortnite Horror School Map Code – Scariest Map and 6 Bottles

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Fortnite Horror School Map Code – Scariest Map and 6 Bottles

One of the biggest maps right now is the Fortnite horror school map code, how can you access it and how do you complete the map?

The new system for maps in Fortnite has opened some doors for the more creatively-minded players. Now, players can really alter what they depict in-game. It’s great for unique experiences like the recent Alan Wake skin map, but some players have been a bit more original. One of the stand-out maps from recent weeks has been the Fortnite Horror School map code,

The new map is one of the FN Creative experiences which has really popped lately. We’re in the midst of the whole Fortnitemares event, a spooky celebration in-game. We’ve got pumpkins all over the map and the trademark autumnal lighting. However, the game hasn’t been fully embracing the scary It’s a more toned-down Halloween event. If you’re looking for some bigger frights, then map codes like Fortnite Horror School should be your first stop. Some of the best UnrealFN maps can make something much spookier than what Epic has ever designed themselves!

We’ll cover the Fortnite Horror School creative map code here, plus what you need to know to finish the map. Any specific game mode can be tricky to find. With Epic’s map system now paying players for their creations, even meme-worthy breakout map like this is often copy-catted to death. It can be tricky to find the original Fortnite Horror School map and not a cheap rip-off someone threw together. Even once you do, the map can be fairly tricky. This is where you can find the map and how to play through it and escape alive.

Fortnite Horror School Map Code

The Fortnite Horror School map code is now the name of quite a few different experiences in the Creative launcher. However, if you’re looking for the main map that Fortnite content creators have been playing through, there’s only one map code. This is where you can find the Fortnite Horror School map code.

  • 1763-0948-3769

Load into creative using that code and you should quickly find one of the spookier Fortnite Halloween maps! It can be a tricky puzzle to solve though. If you want to escape with your life, you’ll have to get things right. We’ll run you through how to solve the Fortnite map too, so you’re expertly prepared to complete it quickly when you jump in with friends.

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Fortnite Horror School Guide

The Fortnite horror school map code has a few tricky elements. You’ll start with being able to pick first or third person. First helps enhance the atmosphere a little more. Although, third has the benefit of letting you use whatever Fortnite skins you’d like in a creepy horror themed world.

Fortnite Horror School Map Code

Starting Out in Fortnite Horror School Creative Map

The first step is getting off on the right foot is grabbing the flashlight. You’ll find this right below the third-person and first-person buttons. Then head onwards, the first point of call getting in despite the main entrance being closer. Head over to an openable window to get inside the main building. Then head over to 1-1 which has a note on the floor.

From there, move down to the 2-3 classroom. In there, you’ll find the first creepy surprise. In the corner though, players can see a key. Head to the office that the key opens up. Each key you find will open a specific door. the Fortnite horror school creative keys are important for progressing through in the quickest order and not getting lost. Reach the office to get another key, this time for the Medic Room.

In the Medic Room, you can open up a container to get the fire door 2 key. Go through that door to reach the second floor of the Fortnite Horror School map. Head into the art room, where you’ll find some creepy stuff including a statue that follows you around. The scares really take a step up on the second floor. You’ll find a key on the ground in the corridor to fire door 3. Go through and you’ll go upstairs yet again. From here go to the Bathroom, where you’ll find the rooftop key.

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Before you can progress up there though, you’ll need the key to open another door. That’s located back on the Third floor for the music room.

In here, you get the key to the arts and crafts room. It’s on the second floor. After this bit of backtracking, you’ll find another key that you’ll need for later. Head back to the roof and you can now access the closed section on the opposite side of the school.

Part 2 – Fortnite Horror School Map Code

The second part has quite a few extra scares compared to the first. You’ll need to start actually hiding from someone else that’s in the building. When you hear the music or see a creature, find a place to find it. This is similar to hiding in normal games of Battle Royale in the trash. Although, it’s a better tactic here than trying to win Fortnite games by taking cover.

Fortnite Horror School Map Code

Move onwards by grabbing a book off the ground. This lets you know you need to start collecting the bottle locations. Where can you find each of these:

  • Room 1-2
  • Under table, the ground floor under stairs
  • Science Room
  • 4-3
  • 3rd Floor Men’s Toilet
  • 6-1

With all bottles found the rest of the map proceeds quite linearly, with someone trying to escape and showing you the path. With the Bottle locations memorized though you should have an easier time with the Fortnite horror school map code.

The whole gameplay in the Fortnite Horror School Creative map Is geared around finding keys and eventually bottles. However, in your journey exploring each room there are plenty of frights along the way.

Fortnite Horror School Map Code – Scariest Map and 6 Bottles
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