Fortnite: FNCS Week 4 Full Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Week 4 Full Results

Results from the final week of the Fortnite Champion Series competition.

The Fortnite Champion Series qualifiers are complete after four weeks of intense competition amongst the best players across the world. We’ve seen multiple spawn fights, grief fests, cheating allegations and bans, which all added to the overall drama of the season. Despite crippling server lag, the players powered through and did their best to secure themselves a spot in the FNCS Heats next weekend. Some insanely talented duos, including MCES Andilex and LeStream Nayte, have qualified four times for the heats and are readying for the most crucial games ahead.

Many of the most consistent duos after four weeks will also qualify through series points. Please refer to our recaps from weeks one, two and three to see all of the teams who guaranteed themselves a spot in heats. Let’s see which teams played well in the final week of the FNCS qualifiers.


Stompy and COOLER aqua earned their third straight qualification for heats and their first win in the final FNCS qualifier for the European region. Over six matches, aqua and Stompy racked up 25 eliminations and two Victory Royales showing how impactful the loot at The Grotto is late in each game. There might not be a better team in the world than aqua and Stompy at controlling height with the Mythic Minigun and an assortment of other weapons. This Austrian duo is amongst the favorites heading in the European FNCS Heats.

Wave JannisZ and E11 TaySon took second and secured their second straight qualification after a slow start to the Fortnite Champion Series. These two came in hot with a victory in the FNCS Warmup and cooled off a bit before roaring back in the final two weeks. JannisZ and TaySon finished top-ten in four out of six games and managed 21 eliminations. The top 20 teams in week four will compete next week in the Europe FNCS Heats.

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NA East

Pandaa and sto came out on top in NA East with 52 points across six matches. These two qualified back in week two and doubled that with a first-place finish in the final qualifying week. Although Pandaa and sto did not earn a Victory Royale, their 29-elimination effort and consistent top-15 finishes paid dividends toward their win. They will move on to the FNCS Heats next week, where they are looking to qualify for the Chapter 2 Season 2 Championship.

Acorn and Vanish Jahq continued an impressive FNCS run with a second-place finish and their third qualification out of four weeks. Having flown under the radar coming in, these two popped off in week four with 21 eliminations and two Victory Royales. Many of NA East’s best will go to war next weekend, all with hopes of playing in the Grand Finals. The top 20 duos below will see action next weekend.



NA West

As their final match drew to a close, arguably NA West’s best duo of 100T Rehx and NRG EpikWhale crushed their competitors in week four. With 61 points overall, Rehx and EpikWhale amassed 27 eliminations, marking their third qualification in four weeks. The switch to a controller is working well for EpikWhale, and we can expect that best out of this tandem come next weekend for heats.

LittleXX and CLG Jay took second and are also on a decent run through the FNCS. These two secured their third qualification for heats with a 47-point performance. Another team of note in the top-ten is 100T Arkhram and Andrew who have also performed well through all four weeks. NA West will be exciting to watch next weekend due to the amount of great teams involved in the next round.




Mralex1 and BLS Tuii won a three-way tie-breaker in week four of the Oceania FNCS qualifiers. The difference-maker for this double-qualifying duo was their game four Victory Royale. Alex and Tuii managed 23 eliminations overall and have punched their ticket to heats next weekend. Although they will be rivaling some of Oceania’s best, a victory and $565 USD each is a confidence booster as we approach the home stretch.

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AO Summer Smash Champion Parallel Breso and teammate VRTX Dylan secured their third qualification over four weeks and just barely fell short of first place. One more elimination would have made all the difference in this scenario, but these two are one of only a handful to qualify multiple times out of OCE. The top-ten from each week will find themselves in heats next week with a chance to win even more of the $5M USD prize pool given to this rendition of the FNCS.



Sheco22 and FKL histtory narrowly escaped with first place in the grand finals of the Brazil region. After six games, these two put up 49 points and one Victory Royale. They also managed 24 eliminations, leading them to a win by only one point. Sheco and histtory qualified their third straight time and are heading to heats. VKS Pulga and VKS Mojak qualified for the fourth week in a row with 48 points and a  second-place finish in week four. Many of Brazil’s best punched their ticket to heats next week, which should make for an excellent finish.

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Usual suspects CR Ruri and CR RizArt compiled 54 points over six matches to earn their first victory of the four-week qualifiers. After qualifying back in week two, Ruri and RizArt showed precisely why they are two of the best players out of this region. They managed placements no lower than 15th this week, which ultimately earned them a ten-point victory over second place. The duo of Peterpan and FaxFox secured another top-ten finish, making them one of the only teams to qualify in all four weeks of the FNCS. The top-ten teams below will participate in the finals next weekend.


Source: Fortnite Tracker

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