Fortnite Champion Series Full Week 2 Results

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Fortnite Champion Series Full Week 2 Results

Fortnite Champion Series week two is in the books after another intense week of action.

Amidst more cheating allegations several thousand players across all seven competitive regions went to battle to qualify for heats in April. In addition to the qualifying hopes, duos continued to chip away at a chunk of the $5M USD on the line through this iteration of the Fortnite Champion Series. As always, the top 20 duos from Europe, NA East, NA West and Brazil will play in the FNCS Heats. The top ten from Oceania, Asia and the Middle East also advanced to the next round. Let’s see how the action broke down in week two of the FNCS.


Fortnite World Cup Champion COOLER aqua and duo partner Stompy clutched a Victory Royale in match number six to claim victory in week two of the Fortnite Champion Series. Aqua and Stompy have been trending upward since becoming a duo, and this is their best performance to date. The final match produced a situation where the top two duos matched up in the closing moments of the last game. Aqua and Stompy prevailed over znappy and wakie to push them to the top of the leader board.

GODSENT’s znappy and wakie managed one Victory Royale themselves in grand finals but fell merely four points short of first place. After their third-place finish last week, these two former FNCS champions are here to stay and are looking to make a run at their second Fortnite Champion Series title. Gambit Toose and qvado achieved a fourth-place finish after challenging Wolfiez and LeTsHe yet again for control of The Agency. The top twenty teams from this week will compete in the European FNCS heats next month.

The leaderboard for Europe showing COOLER aqua and Stompy in first place The leader board for Europe showing IDrop 74 and  100 thieves MrSavage in 11th place

NA East

Cheech and Cheech, better known as Innocents and Ajerss claimed their second first-place finish in as many rounds to win week two of the Fortnite Champion Series. In the semi-finals, these two amassed 106 points en route to a first-place finish. In the final round to qualify for heats, Innocents and Ajerrs held on to victory with 52 points. After their Winter Royale 2019 victory, this controller duo is on their way to compete in heats at the Fortnite Champion Series final. Each player claimed $2.25K USD for their efforts in week two.

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RBK Arab and OT Coop fell just short of first but still managed a whopping 51 points in grand finals. Their six-match effort yielded 22 eliminations and no Victory Royales, but the placement was their key to second place as they managed at least a top-13 finish in all but one match. Acorn and Vanish jahqfishy rounded out the top three with two Victory Royales and 21 eliminations. Other notable duos inside the top twenty include SEN Animal and SEN Aspect, MRKN Av and LiquidChap, MSF Clix and Vanguard Calc, TSM ZexRow and TSM MackWood and finally NA West player’s Liquid Cented and NRG Edgey. The NA East finals are already shaping up to be a slugfest.

The NA East leader board showing cheech and cheech in first place The leader board for NA East showing Mikey and grandmateets in 11th place

NA West

Peace and former TSM member Herrions won the three-way tiebreaker in the week two NA West finals. Their 53 points over three matches came about from 26 eliminations and one Victory Royale on top of an 11.67 average placement. Herrions and Peace had a higher average elimination per game to secure their victory as well. Their efforts earned Herrions and Peace $1.5K USD each.

Thomuss and wavyjacob achieved a second-place finish this week, after taking third last week. The controller duo managed 53 points, mirroring first and third place, and put up 23 eliminations in total. Ghost Aydan and duo partner such crept up the leaderboard and finished in sixth place. The top 20 teams in NA West are now moving on to heats, and there are some notable names part of that group.

Peace and former TSM member Herrions in first place on the NA West leader board fncsw2naw2


Kquid and RNG Jynx achieved first place in week two of the Oceania FNCS finals with 56 points. Despite some alleged grieving activity, Kquid and Jynx kept their composure, earning two Victory Royales across their six matches. These two managed an impressive 29 eliminations, which topped all others in the final round of week two. AO Summer Smash 2020 solo champion Breso and duo partner Dylan improved from their tenth place performance in finals last week to a second-place finish this week. They earned one Victory Royale and 20 eliminations overall. The remaining top ten duos below secured a spot in the next round of the Fortnite Champion Series.

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The leader board for Oceania showing Kquid and RNG Jynx in first place

Game Winners

  • Kquid and Jynx x2
  • Parallel Breso and Leonardo
  • Ghost Trapped and Ghost Zarby
  • Jahlyn and Parpy
  • Bola and Sprazz


KBR and Seeyun put up 55 points in the Brazil week three FNCS finals, which granted them the win. Their final match proved to be a difference-maker as they earned the top ten placement points and two of their 23 eliminations. They will be moving on along with Pulgaboy and Mojak, who took second place. This Team Vikings duo improved from a fourth-place finish last week and will join the top 20 in heats for the Brazil region.

KBR and Seeyun in first place on the Brazil leader board The leaderboard showing Losted BOMBA and technoviking46 in 11th place


ジェダイのレイand HYG Zerukn triumphed in the week two Asia Fortnite Champion Series finals with 54 points. They did not manage a Victory Royale, but 23 eliminations and three top-20 finishes got the job done. 내가위험하다 and 100M tackle followed the victors in second place with 50 points and 21 eliminations. The top ten finishers below have punched their tickets to the Asia Fortnite Champion Series heat play next month.The Asia leader board showing ジェダイのレイand HYG Zerukn in first place

Game Winners

  • T1 HOOD.J and T1 Quickss- –
  • Maufin 32 and Riddle Bobrr
  • ǃettuce and GW_Hamuppi
  • redeN No.1 and GR Sqeeze
  • NEXUS.腰打ち大魔神ひろ and WRT.サナRui
  • Khanada.S and Per Life

Stay tuned to ESTNN as we continue coverage of the Fortnite Champion Series in week three.

Source: Fortnite Tracker

Featured Image: Epic Games



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