Fortnite Champion Series Complete Week 1 Results

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Fortnite Champion Series Complete Week 1 Results

The results are in after the first of four Fortnite Champion Series qualifying weeks.

Competitive Fortnite players are back in the fray of the FNCS after a long delay between tournaments. The fan and player favored duos format made its return, and we are seeing some different combinations of players across Europe, NA East, NA West, Oceania, Brazil, Asia and the Middle East. Thousands of players are competing with intentions of earning some of the $5M USD that Epic Games is handing out over the next four weeks. The inaugural qualifying week also saw cheating accusations against the top four NA East players.

Week one is now in the rear-view, and we’ve broken down the top-ten and a full list of qualified players. If you missed day one, see yesterday’s article to catch yourself up. With that said, let’s get into the successful duos from week one.


Maage and Castery remained on top for the majority of the week one EU Fortnite Champion Series Final and achieved first place overall after six grueling matches. The leaderboard flip-flopped often, but Maage and Castery earned an early 11-elimination Victory Royale and wound up with 67 points for the tournament. The European pair dominated the scoreboard with 33 eliminations in total and have locked themselves into a spot in heat play. Their winning effort yielded them $5K USD to split.

FaZe Mongraal and NRG benjyfishy took second place with 54 points and zero Victory Royales. Despite their lack of a win, their average placement of 13.50 and 27 eliminations helped this outstanding duo achieve their highest duo finish to date. Benjy and Mongraal earned 2.25K USD each in only one week of the Fortnite Champion Series. Newly signed GODSENT team members znappy and wakie managed a last-game Victory Royale to vault themselves into third place. MrSavage and new duo partner IDrop took fourth after winning the first match of the tournament. The top 20 players from Europe advance to heats in April.

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NA East

Originally, the first-place NA East duo was Slackes and Keys with a 63-point performance. Unfortunately, the previously mentioned cheating allegations have effectively removed them from week one altogether. The in-game leaderboard no longer shows the initial first-place team of Slackes and Keys or the second-place team of Kreo and Bucke. As the developers and team behind competitive Fortnite sort the situation out, we now have a fresh leaderboard.

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HazThaGreat and Avery jumped into the number one spot after the removal of Kreo, Bucke, Slackes and Keys. They managed 40 points over their six matches including 21 eliminations and the tie-breaker with the second-place duo leaned in their favor. Trashy and Carson followed them with a 40-point showing themselves and bagged $2.1K USD each. The fresh duo of TSM MackWood and ZexRow now land in the third-place spot, boosting their earnings to $1.75K USD each. NA West titans Edgey and Cented also found themselves in the top-ten in their first NA East FNCS qualifier. The following top-20 teams punched their ticket to heats in April.

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NA West

100T Arkhram and new duo partner andreww blew all other players out of the water with 82 points over six matches. Consistency was the key for this exceptional new duo with no place lower than 16th in round three. Arkhram and andreww had been trending upward in the NA West scrims, and that hard work has paid dividends for their performance in week one. They out-slayed all other duos inside the top-ten with 44 eliminations. Each player pockets $1.5K USD and made it through to NA West heats.

In second place was 100T Rehx and long-time duo partner, NRG EpikWhale. These two have been successful for quite some time and continue to impress with yet another high placement this time in the Fortnite Champion Series. Rehx and EpikWhale achieved one Victory Royale and compiled 26 eliminations. Controller duo wavyjacob and Thomuss rounded out the top-three with a colossal 32 eliminations. The top-twenty NA West players from week one will move on to the next round.

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Bola and Spraz earned 53 points over six matches in the final round to punch their ticket to the semi-finals in four weeks. The Aussie duo produced 26 eliminations and a Victory Royale in the round three finals of week one. Bola and Spraz each took home $565 USD after two grueling days of competition. Gooboz and Worthy followed up their second-place finish in round two with yet another runner-up in the final session of week one. Both players collectively earned 51 points and $400 USD each. The newly established duo of Caryion and Volx rounded out the top-three with 49 points.

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Other notable duos at the top include Mrfreshasian and RNG Rel, Slaya and Link, x2Jordan and x2Jesse and finally Breso and Dylan. The top-ten from OCE will move on to heat play at the end of the four-week qualifying period.

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Kitoz Frigideira and Robot hit 60 points in round three of week one in the Brazil Fortnite Champion Series. Their consistency shined throughout the tournament with only one finish worse than 45th place. This duo also completed two Victory Royales over six matches to win $1.5K USD each. Frigideira and Robot significantly improved upon their ninth-place finish in round two and are heading to heats next month. C9 blackoutz and SNG KING matched their second-place finish in round two with another in the final session of week one. Their 53-points yielded $1.2K USD each in prize money and will join the top-20 in heats as well.

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Peterpan and Faxfox dominated both rounds two and three of week one and are on their way to the FNCS heats in April. After reaching 100 points in round two, these two achieved 51 points in the finals over six matches. They managed one Victory Royale and a whopping 26 eliminations, which was more than any other duo inside the top-ten. Ess and Vabon took second with 45 points mostly due to their consistently high placements, but could not quite catch up to Peterpan and Faxfox. The combination of !ettuce and Hamuppi finished in third place with 41 points. The top ten duos from Asia have made their way through to the FNCS semi-finals.

fncs c2s2 w1 results 10

That concludes week one of the Chapter 2 Season 2 Fortnite Champion Series. Stay tuned to ESTNN for more coverage of the FNCS as it continues over the coming weeks.

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