Fortnite: FNCS Week 3 Full Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Week 3 Full Results

With week three of the FNCS in the books, see which duos are moving to the next round.

Fortnite Champion Series week three completed with another round of qualifications across all seven competitive regions. After an additional three rounds of intense competition, duos are beginning to separate themselves from the pack. This cycle of the FNCS is three-quarters of the way done, and only one week remains for duos to qualify or inch closer to heats with consistency points.

With no apparent bouts of rule-breaking this week, we saw one of Europe’s best duos claim their first FNCS victory. An NA West duo outlasted their relatively new NA East competition and Oceania continues to produce similar results week to week. Please refer to our week one and week two recaps for a complete list of qualified duos up to this point. Now let’s take a deep dive into how the action shook out in week three of the FNCS.


The keyboard and controller duo of Mitr0 and Crr took first place in week three of the EU Fortnite Champion Series qualifier. They amassed 43 points and earned their first qualification for the FNCS heats in two weeks. Although Mitr0 and Crr did not obtain a Victory Royale, their ability to rack up eliminations was the difference-maker. Each player took home $2.5K USD for their efforts in the finals.

SRN Hardfind and AstroSMZ followed closely behind our winners with 41 points. Their path to success was a bit different, with only 18 eliminations. However, they consistently earned placement points and had only one finish worse than 15th place. This week marks their second qualification for heats. The duos of Sy Kyzen and Sy Clement, c4loverKubx and KamiFN and MCES Andilex and LeStream Nayte earned their third qualification for heats with a top-20 finish this week.

The keyboard and controller duo of Mitr0 and Crr in first place on the European leaderboard

Maczana and luKi in 11th position on the European leaderboard

NA East

NA West phenoms Cented and NRG Edgey showcased their talent in week three with their first major NA East victory. After journeying to the east coast for this iteration of the FNCS, many wondered how their gameplay would match up against different competitors. It appears Cented and Edgey will be just fine after putting up 59 points and one Victory Royale. This pair finished top ten in all but one match and took home $2.25K each and their third qualification for heats.

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Yacht loyalists Captain Knight and Captain Shark accomplished another impressive finish with a second-place result in week three. These double-qualifiers managed 26 eliminations en route to 52 overall points. They will participate in heats and are continuing to impress each week.

Twitch star Tfue and controller standout Scoped followed up a first-place semi-finals performance with a third-place finish in the week three finals. After not qualifying for the finals in weeks one and two, Tfue and Scoped came out firing and determined to secure a spot in heats. They did just that with 47 points and a Victory Royale. 100T Ceice and Bizzle join Edgey and Cented as the only two duos to place top 20 in all three weeks.

Cented and NRG Edgey leading the pack on the NA East leaderboard

Klass and Tristan Hipp nab 11th place on the NA East leaderboard

NA West

Powur and Favs amassed 50 points over six matches to win the week three FNCS finals. These two managed more eliminations than any other duo and did not even need a Victory Royale to take first place. Favs and Powur placed top ten in five out of their six matches, proving how much consistency counts in Fortnite. These two earned $3K USD total for their effort in the finals.

Stohkd and VANISH IREWQ fell six points short of first,  but ultimately earned their first qualification for heats with a second-place finish. Over six matches Stohkd and IREWQ managed a Victory Royale and 22 eliminations in total. Several duos, including Thomuss and wavyjacob as well as CLG Symetrical and Leno achieved their third top 20 finish this week.

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Powur and Favs in top place on the NA West leaderboard

XX-02 and daddy zesty take 11th place on the NA West leaderboard


Jahlyn and Parpy won the tie-breaker and took first place in week three of the Oceania Fortnite Champion Series. Despite matching points with standouts Gooboz and worthy, jahlyn and Parpy had the nod in eliminations, which yielded the victory. After qualifying last week, jahlyn and parpy celebrated their first win with 32 eliminations and 53 points. Gooboz and worthy took second place for the second time in three weeks, winning each of them $400 USD and their second qualification for heats. The top ten players this week will also join Gooboz and worthy in heats as well.

Jahlyn and Parpy take out first place on the OCE leaderboard


R4J4DA and B4 TarzaN matched the OCE winners with 53 points of their own to claim victory in the Brazil region. Although falling slightly short of their competitors in the elimination column, R4J4DA and Tarzan averaged a placement of 9.5 over six matches. Their consistent ability to earn placement points elevated them above their competitors. The two players bagged $1.5K USD and will join the Brazil FNCS Heats in two weeks.

R4J4DA and B4 TarzaN claim first place on the Brazil leaderboard

YounG-SA and brvitinho claim the 11th spot on the Brazil leaderboard


After ending in fifth place last week, Maufin and Bob compiled an impressive 65 points to earn their second qualification for the Asia FNCS Heats. Their showing included just 28 eliminations, but the two finished no worse than 12th in any of their six matches. With an average placement of 6th, Maufin and Bob didn’t need a significant amount of eliminations to win. Three-time qualifiers Peterpan and FaxFox took second place while putting on a clinic to the tune of 43 eliminations. The top-ten players from this week will move to the next round.

 Maufin and Bob in first place on the Asia leaderboard

That does it for week three of the Fortnite Champion Series. Check back with ESTNN throughout the week for a list of updated standings as we head into the final week of play before heats.

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