Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1: NA Duos to Watch For

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Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1: NA Duos to Watch For

ESTNN previews FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 and highlights some of the top North American Duos.

North America is on the brink of the first Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) of 2022. Chapter 3 Season 1 began in December, and elite players have put in the time and preparation ahead of this $3M USD event. The meta has taken shape despite glaring struggles within the scene. All hard work will be put to the test starting this weekend. 

The NA East and NA West regions undoubtedly possess a collection of the world’s best players. Bugha, Mero, Deyy, Reet and EpikWhale are just some of the household names we’ve come to see atop leaderboards consistently. 

With mere hours remaining until the first Qualifier, we are looking at some of the notable Duos before the action begins. Join us as we prepare for three grueling weeks of action ahead. 

NA East

SEN Bugha & TNA Mero

  • 1st in Duos Cash Cup #3
  • 6th in Duos Cash Cup #4
  • 15th in Duos Cash Cup #6

It took some time for Bugha and Mero to agree to play together in Chapter 3 Season 1, despite having won the last two FNCS Trio competitions. Both players started with vastly different teammates; Bugha with Skqttles and Mero with STRETCH and then Acorn. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed and fans had a chance to watch greatness unfold. 

Bugha and Mero claimed victory in their first Duos Cash Cup together. One week later, they achieved a sixth-place finish. While a small sample size, it’s not hard to comprehend what these two players bring to the table. Mero is perhaps the best singular NA East competitor this season and Bugha’s consistency across the last three years speaks for itself. 

There’s no doubt Bugha and Mero will find their way into the FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 Final and compete for a third straight Axe of Champions. 

FaZe Cented & 33 Cold

  • 1st in Duos Cash Cup #2 (NA West)
  • 7th in Duos Cash Cup #2 (NA East)
  • 9th in Duos Cash Cup #3 (NA East)
  • 4th in Duos Cash Cup #3 (NA West)
  • 20th in Duos Cash Cup #4 (NA East)
  • 1st in Duos Cash Cup #6 (NA East)
  • 9th in Duos Cash Cup #6 (NA West)
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Perennial FNCS contender FaZe Cented is undoubtedly one of the best Fortnite players we’ve seen in quite some time. He led Trios to four consecutive second-place finishes, followed by a fourth and sixth last year. The format switch to Duos prompted Cented to connect with Cold—a lesser-known NA East player. Cold found success toward the end of 2021 as part of a team including Ceice and Elitxe. 

Cented and Cold have since run rampant across multiple regions. The dynamic Duo achieved a first-place result in the second NA West Duos Cash Cup on significantly higher ping. Other finishes include seventh, ninth, fourth, 20th, first and ninth across the last few weeks on both regions. Cented and Cold have immense upside and the talent to win FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1. 

Acorn & KNG Khanada

  • 3rd in Duos Cash Cup #4
  • 1st in Duos Cash Cup #5
  • 3rd in Duos Cash Cup #6

Earlier this season, the NA East roster craze created a rift between many of the region’s top players. Acorn and KNG Khanada were merely two victims of the chaos. The former first connected with Mero while the latter competed alongside Peterbot. Acorn and Khanada eventually discovered one another and have thrived ever since. 

Their results thus far in Season 1 are incredible; third, first and third in back-to-back-to-back Duos Cash Cups. It’s a small sample size, but with Acorn calling the shots and Khanada raining fire upon everyone in sight, this Duo is in good shape. Expect to see these two qualify directly to the Grand Finals at some point over the next four days. 

G2 Ajerss & Rise

  • 6th in Duos Cash Cup #1
  • 4th in Duos Cash Cup #2
  • 22nd in Duos Cash Cup #3
  • 1st in Duos Cash Cup #4

The last NA East Duo to talk about is G2 Esports Ajerss and the unsponsored Rise. This team is one of the few that started the season strong and did not split during the roster craze. As a result, Ajerss and Rise could perfect their approach to the meta. They are in an ideal position ahead of the FNCS. 

Ajerss and Rise have performed well, particularly in Duos Cash Cups, finishing sixth, fourth, 22nd and first. They’ll hope to dominate Greasy Grove and ride their consistency into the Chapter 3 Season 1 Finals. 

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Honorable Mentions

  • 33 Fatch & PaMstou
  • Eomzo & Degen
  • TNA Muz & C9 Avery
  • Liquid STRETCH & TSM FTX Commandment
  • FaZe Dubs & FaZe Megga
  • NRG Edgey & Elite Tahi
  • G2 Jahq & Illest
  • RogueShark & Knight
  • NRG Clix & Deyy
  • LG Jamper & Dukez

NA West

100T Arkhram & NRG EpikWhale

  • 4th in Duos Cash Cup #1
  • 2nd in Duos Cash Cup #3
  • 1st in Duos Cash Cup #4
  • 3rd in Duos Cash Cup #6

NA West could very well come down to two teams come time for the Grand Finals. First, we have 100T Arkhram and NRG EpikWhale. Anyone with knowledge of the competitive Fortnite scene understands what these two bring to the table. Arkhram and EpikWhale have dominated the NA West scene since the World Cup era, and that has not stopped. 

The talented tandem won four consecutive Trio FNCS tournaments alongside Rehx. Competitive Fortnite’s switch to Duos left Arkhram and EpikWhale as the no-brainer combination. They finished fourth, second and first in three Duos Cash Cup Finals. Arkhram and EpikWhale run this region and FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 should see that trend continue. 

TSM FTX Reet & 100T Rehx

  • 1st in Duos Cash Cup #1
  • 34th in Duos Cash Cup #2
  • 8th in Duos Cash Cup #4
  • 30th in Duos Cash Cup #6

Reet and Rehx are the other NA West Duo we expect to shine during this season’s FNCS. While neither player necessarily enjoys the meta, that hasn’t stopped them from putting up impressive results. The TSM/100T combo finished first in their first Cash Cup, followed by a 34th and eighth. 

Quite frankly, these results don’t matter when the time comes for the FNCS. Reet and Rehx possess the ability to eliminate every Duo in a given lobby. The question worth asking is; can they keep it together from the open round to the end of the tournament? We’ll soon have our answer in the coming days. 

Honorable Mentions

  • TSM FTX Snacky & 33 Favs
  • JFT Batman Bugha & JFT Wheels
  • 100T Falconer & Poffiee
  • BBG NoahWPlays & Ranger

FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 starts tomorrow with the first of two Qualifiers. Be sure to check out our format breakdown, a preview of the European region and viewing guide for those tuning in to watch the tournament. 

Stay tuned to ESTNN for results and storylines across the next three weeks of intense FNCS gameplay. 

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