Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1: European Duos To Watch For

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Fortnite FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1: European Duos To Watch For

ESTNN looks at some of Europe’s best Duos ahead of FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1.

The first Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) begins this weekend. It’s the first of 2022 and Chapter 3 Season 1, meaning it’s an opportunity for some Duos to make a name for themselves and others to continue dominance from past seasons. This competition sports over $3M USD for its prize pool; there’s no shortage of incentives to keep these players motivated. 

Ahead of the competition, ESTNN highlights Duos that we believe will find success in FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1. Many will challenge, but only 50 teams will ultimately qualify for the Season Finals. We are starting in the always entertaining European region, so let’s look at the cream of the crop and those that should perform well. 

AST Th0masHD & Falcon TaySon

  • 26th in Duos Cash Cup #1
  • 22nd in Duos Cash Cup #2
  • 2nd in Duos Cash Cup #3
  • 19th in Duos Cash Cup #6

The dominant Duo of Astralis ThomasHD and FalconTaySon ran the European scene for many seasons. Their partnership dates back to November 2020, making them one of the longest-running on this list. Over that period, Th0masHD and TaySon performed well in multiple DreamHack tournaments.

Despite spending time on VALORANT, these two picked right back up where they left off in Chapter 2. The two collected back-to-back top-30 finishes in the season’s first two Duo Cash Cups. Th0masHD and TaySon followed that with a runner-up in the third Cash Cup. We’ve seen the talent these two possess as a tandem. While their results aren’t what most expected, the FNCS is a perfect opportunity for them to shine.

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GUILD Hen & Queasy

  • 7th in Duos Cash Cup #2
  • 3rd in Duos Cash Cup #3
  • 15th in Duos Cash Cup #4
  • 18th in Duos Cash Cup #5
  • 1st in Duos Cash Cup #6

Former FNCS winners Hen and Queasy discovered one another following successful endeavors in 2021. The year featured primarily Trio tournaments—a format these two dominated. Now, the combination of Hen’s ability mixed with Queasy’s brain has already shown what these two can accomplish at the highest level. 

Hen and Queasy have managed seventh, third and 15th and 18th to open Chapter 3 Season 1. That sort of consistency is rare, and only a few have found similar success. The pair won their final Duos Cash Cup heading into the FNCS. It’ll be exciting to see how Queasy game plans for stacked lobbies, where maintaining the high ground holds so much significance. 

TT9 Malibuca & Centric Merstach

  • 21st in Duos Cash Cup #1
  • 4th in Duos Cash Cup #2
  • 6th in Duos Cash Cup #3
  • 2nd in Duos Cash Cup #4
  • 6th in Duos Cash Cup #5
  • 23rd in Duos Cash Cup #6

Breakout Russian star Malibuca and his Latvian duo partner Merstach have ascended this season. While Malibuca recently shattered the Solos Cash Cup point record (), he’s also performed exceptionally alongside Merstach in all six Duos Cash Cups. The two have been teaming since Chapter 2 Season 6, so chemistry is not an issue. 

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Their results in Chapter 3 Season 1 are nothing short of spectacular. Malibuca and Merstach compiled a 21st, fourth, sixth, second, sixth and 23rd in custom Cash Cup lobbies against some of Europe’s best. Those results are without question a solid preview of what we can expect when the FNCS begins this weekend. 

Kami & GXR Teeq

  • 9th in Duos Cash Cup #1
  • 13th in Duos Cash Cup #2
  • 12th in Duos Cash Cup #3
  • 6th in Duos Cash Cup #4
  • 1st in Duos Cash Cup #5

The final Duo will look in-depth at is the Polish combination of Kami and Teeq. Chapter 3 Season 1 has treated these two well following their FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8 victory and subsequent runner-up in the Grand Royale alongside Setty. Kami and Teeq are a team that translated well to the current meta. 

Fresh off their first Cash Cup win of the season, Kami and Teeq seem to be rounding into prime FNCS form. We’ve seen their dominance in Trios—there’s no reason to believe Duos will be any different. Expect the Polish tandem to play consistently well and qualify directly to the Grand Finals this weekend. 

Here are some honorable mentions worth looking for on the leaderboard this weekend:

  • 100T MrSavage & NRG Benjyfishy
  • Nebs & Hellfire
  • Falcon Andilex & xsweeze
  • Wave Vadeal & GUILD Rezon
  • GUILD JannisZ & BL Noahreyli
  • BL Setty & Falcon Chapix
  • Pinq & GUILD Anas

The action commences Thursday and continues through the weekend with both Qualifiers. Be sure to check out our format breakdown and viewing guide to get yourself ready for the intense FNCS ahead. 

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all of the latest results and storylines!

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