Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4 NA East Heats And Analysis

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Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4 NA East Heats And Analysis

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s NA East region is preparing to crown its sixth Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) winner since Season X.

It comes full circle, too, as Season X introduced trios into the competitive playing field. Last time around, players like Tfue and Symfuhny were still playing Fortnite. A lot has changed since then, and the best players are seemingly better than ever. There has been no shortage of drama since this season began.

More will undoubtedly develop as this weekend’s FNCS Heats and Grand Finals conclude. These trios are competing for a piece of $5 million and the ultra-rare Axe of Champions. Now, let’s look at each heat and highlight some of the key teams to watch for this coming weekend.

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Heat 1 October 29 – October 30 5 PM EST – 8 PM EST

  • Nobu Tragix, Outcast Snake, cN Simple yt_OW
  • Nobu Divine, XnB2006, Nobu Froppe
  • Fwex2005, SAKEFISHY, rez.
  • Zuky, Nobu Bfo, chucky
  • Noob teyo, Parker, Clamps
  • V0il, OA Rocaine, vsB TeeJay
  • LIWILL, Liquid GodFiber, Ravz
  • Xurt, sphinx, Pluto
  • Sully, Doniee, 7eoLeo
  • Spike, Enquz, vyrus
  • AS Stonie, LA Cobolt, Discord Seem9966
  • SEN HighSky, A1 Scoped, lil tuexy
  • TSM Zexrow, BBG YUNGCALC, TSM MackWood1x
  • Kawzmik, NorCal Doh, NorCal Swaysuo
  • Okis, OT Inspyre, Fyerd
  • TRNL Silent, 1080, TRNL JIVI
  • Festivalxd, lyejax, GS9 Distrept
  • Maniac, James, youtube dupes
  • Juju, Billz is weird, OmG Me II
  • Ray, spdy, Jarekor
  • Cerbs, problem, Slapiin
  • Happed, Staqi, Spayde OT
  • Moo drinks milk, Depressed Aqua, Why
  • GABE, tahi, sprite
  • LG Jamper, Bugha, C9 Avery
  • Dictator Connor, Plege, Gage is FA
  • MSF Claw, Noul, Vanish Agro
  • BBG Kreo, BBG Bucke, TSM Khanada
  • Curix, Hide n Seek, Hudson
  • Kwah, codgenesis, Shaedss
  • 100T Ceice, Ghost Blake, Furious

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Season X Champs Zexrow, MackWood and Calc lead the way out of heat one. They’ve shown success in past trio tournaments, but it’s a new day and age. These three have struggled at times with zones that pull far north away from Craggy Cliffs. Zexrow, MackWood and Calc may need RNG on their side but should qualify either way. It’s just a matter of grinding out enough points.

The uncontested Stark Industries trio of Bugha, Jamper and Avery is yet another outstanding team in this challenging heat. They finished first in series points and qualified three times for heats. That sort of consistency comes from landing at arguably the best POI and rotating effectively until the end game. We should see these three in the Grand Finals.

Bugha’s rival Khanada and teammates Kreo and Bucke are one of the best trios across all regions. They finished with the fifth-most series points and won the first qualifier. This trio will claim Slurpy Swamp with plenty of guaranteed shield and two Marvel Quinjets. Hopefully, we will see some encounters between Khanada and Bugha.

Rounding out the top teams in NA East Heat 1 is Ceice, Blake and Furious. All three of these players struggled to find a steady trio and lucked out with the team they built. They secured their ticket to heats in the final qualifier. Look for them to turn some heads and dominate out of Lazy Lake.

Heat 2 October 29 – October 30 5 PM EST – 8 PM EST

  • Ral, LA Vetta, magnolia
  • A1 Nayht, leo2004, Ved 2005
  • Verzatyl Trizz, Verzatyl Rocco, Verzatyl loupee
  • EXO Eomzo, tetro55, lolSamppA
  • C9 Chap, G2 Coop, OA Whofishy
  • Trevin, Frostyk, kodrr
  • Outcast Trap, Nobu Pozed, GoodGuyNani Tv
  • SEN Aspect, Xoonies, OA npen
  • Cloud, JFree, Dmur
  • Walkman, cozhies, Aminished
  • Nobu PaMstou, Artsy, wCarey
  • Summr, Legedien, NoLimitTyfoon
  • YT CatchingsFN, twitter cozyfa, chay5e
  • Ace1xx, Nef, susscript
  • TNA OliverOG, pulseonix, Larson
  • Strobe, gooshtv, kyrha
  • TNA Deyy, TNA Mero, Reverse2k
  • Slayyz, ChrisChin, Savtona
  • Vanish Bully, TNA Slick, Outcast Iciev
  • XSET Knight, XSET Shark, XSET Av
  • Stroud, strep, LazarP
  • NOBU APEMON, Nobu Beef-YT, Spooky Kamare
  • TSM Commandment, Liquid Cented, NRG Edgey
  • Leinad, acrian, smarty
  • LA Narwhal, zlem, Vanish Bank
  • Roatdw, kolor, oDxnied
  • MamySr4, Vanish Aperta, spark
  • Zum, skqttles, NRG Ronaldo
  • Xen Kiox, Outc4st fr4t, Pure Ganzo
  • Inqyns, Phix, Oaxie
  • Hardworkpaysoff, FrostedSpy, FrostyJays
  • Skivex, MenaceXV, Euzey
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Some hearts will break at the end of heat two. It features five of the top 25 series point earners and some genuinely impressive teams. Commandment, Cented and Edgey are the trio to look at first. They just won the final NA East Qualifier decisively. Without Bugha to contest them, Commandment and his teammates will look to secure a spot in the Grand Finals out of Stark Industries.

The full Team New Age trio of Deyy, Mero and Reverse2k has been a pleasant surprise to watch this season. Reverse struggled to find partners when trios began and landed with two underrated slaying machines. They finished no worse than sixth in any of the three qualifiers, landing at Dirty Docks consistently. Only a handful of teams could stop them at this point.

The low ground masters – XSET Gaming’s Shark, Knight and Av – should be in the running out of heat two as well. They popularized the Fortilla loot path, which encompasses several key areas close to Slurpy Swamp. Although storm surge will be necessary, this combination should be just fine if they stick to their game plan. They will have to fight Cented’s trio and our next trio on the low ground, however.

Rotational genius Chap and controller players Whofishy and Coop will look to ride the Catty Corner area to victory. They only qualified once from placement but have shown their ability to dominate the low ground. It’s never smart to count out Chap, especially after taking second at the Season X Finals. He and his controller teammates are in position for a massive upset.

Heat 3 October 29 – October 30 5 PM EST – 8 PM EST

  • FaZe Funk, XSET Snood, chenkinz
  • Shmexy, 24 Glidez, Vanity zero
  • France, fillipisasian, Vaghue
  • LDamienS, ms13 dany, ETB ETB ETB
  • Nobu Rehan, Clover Plays Osu, Youtube RyzeSZN
  • Kjrop, Capt. Frostymug, Neon
  • FaZe Megga, FaZe Dubs, Liquid Riversan
  • Vanish TIEKKO, YouTube Sucky, piece ctrl woz
  • Joji, TabzG, Kn1pher
  • BBG Haz, paper, chaotic
  • Trashy, Grant Kim, Painful
  • TFC Fuzzy, LA Santhro, Tylarzz
  • Zombie, Han, kburbs
  • NRG Clix, illest, FaZe Bizzle
  • Dwin, eric, edan
  • Sunnyy, whitehat, Threats
  • Ora Bucktee, Death, SRN Zykoma
  • EvanGG, paorha, dustyy
  • Coach Arab, TFC DPChew, TNA Till
  • Jerids, NotStatsy, cryp
  • LG Slackes, Acorn, Vanish Jahq
  • Rubyfied, CrazyGGs, alteu
  • Twitter RPHfn, youtube zyndio, demon mode coxy
  • Drowsy tech tips, ryann, shmeeb
  • SEN Zyfa, C9 nosh, LG Keys
  • RODEO, ecto, aqlx reece
  • Twunti, CoconutGoatz, Twitch Timberz
  • Crumblerr, Nexybtw, Marzz_OW
  • Ghost Nittle, Mikey, Ghost clarityG
  • Bowlcut tyler, pweqy, cqrz
  • Hiro, lonely, alee
  • LittleSpoon42, CerealBowler69, almondmilk24
  • E11 Grazca, Posick, Xccept

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Heat three features some heavy hitters and dark horses alike. The discussion begins with Clix, Bizzle and illest. Bizzle’s Doom’s Domain obsession was not working well for him, Megga and Dubs. He wound up back on a team with Clix, and it has paid dividends. Add elimination machine illest into the mix, and you have the makings of a potential FNCS-winning trio. Hopefully, no one decides to challenge them at Sweaty Sands because that team would be making a huge mistake.

Next up is the relatively new trio of Dubs, Megga and Riversan. After the Bizzle experiment fell through, Dubs and Megga added former NA West standout Riversan to complete their team. It was not going so well until week three, where this trio claimed tenth place. They have selected Craggy Cliffs as their drop spot and should reach the finals based purely on talent.

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Slackes, Acorn and Jahq have been one of the best trios this season. They’ve managed a Ninja Battles victory and two relatively effortless qualifications into heats. Acorn stated that he and his teammates would land south of Slurpy Swamps and plan to w-key everyone in sight. Teams would be wise to stay clear of that area, given their second-place finish in week three.

The last team I’d like to highlight includes Arena Leaderboard master Marzz and his teammates Nexy and Crumblerr. These three players quietly finished with the 11th most series points. Additionally, they finished ninth in week three. Crumblerr claimed that his trio would land Craggy Cliffs, which will create some drama with Dubs, Megga and Riversan. It will be a sight to see without question.

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Heat 4 October 29 – October 30 5 PM EST – 8 PM EST

  • TSM Ferrrnando, deal with Sebby, ghost nanoo
  • Vaniity ryze, NastyNate, Trollox
  • Vanish Cazz, curnballswag, OT Pxlarized
  • Chimp, 999 moudy, yung stizzxy
  • Vanguard iKerry, noire, TwitchRianWatson
  • Pelly, malgre, twitch magycgg
  • Aqualix Walk, jwordn, drew
  • Outcast Hunt YT, crunchy, jayth
  • Sparebow, Felix, ohreckz
  • FISH CPC, Pure Brycx, crxspy
  • Klass, LG Eclipsae, Code Crimz
  • Chubs, gg vortex lol, 07 twix
  • TFC Diddy, TFC Sharkman, TFC dankline
  • Atoms 8, loqqty, youtube zypr
  • BBG Ajay, roqz, vyx
  • Twitch Nevify, AG TYMON, Sokez
  • Kippits, crusty, kari
  • Dxrant, HEARTT, Takened
  • NRG Unknown, casqer, smaqcked
  • Zyfin, zany, vizee
  • CrunchTP, phrag, yusufrr
  • CizLucky, LordNM, Gandhi
  • NRG Zayt, TSM Saf, Liquid STRETCH
  • TNA Hajie, Pandushh, OA NEEQO
  • Jelty, Alliege, vsB pgod
  • VCGO Paris, Hngry, Presto
  • NotBuildz, dev64, yuz64
  • Visxals, Fijex, Ghoul
  • Steelzy, !stats Jelly, zenix
  • Degen, Ajerss, SEN Animal
  • IMP4CT, frot, centrl
  • Evasion, Youtube Avivv, fearfll

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Tournament favorites Zayt, Saf and Stretch lead the way in heat four. What more can we say about this team that people haven’t? They are arguably the best, land at one of the top locations and finished fourth in series points. Zayt, Saf and Stretch all know what it takes to win, but they will have some company at Doom’s Domain. Dxrant, HEARTT and Takened vowed to contest Zayt and the same POI, which could cause problems for both teams.

Unknown, casqer and smqcked have performed well despite the odd grouping. They finished with the eighth-most series points and qualifiers twice for heats. Retail Row will be waiting for them as Unknown looks to move closer toward his second FNCS title. This trio should be on the fast track to the Grand Finals.

The all-Mexico trio of Jelty, pgod and Alliege are a fun trio to highlight. All three of these players possess an insane amount of talent despite playing on high ping. They secured one qualification from placement and drew arguably the most comfortable heat. Jelty and his teammates will join Unknown at Retail Row, so we will get to see some fun early-game engagements.

Ferrrnando, nanolite and Sebby finished qualifiers at number 13 in series points despite earning just one placement qualification. They will land at Dirty Docks with hopes of reaching the finals. Consistency will be critical as it typically is in competitive Fortnite.

That concludes our analysis of NA East Heats. The storylines never fail to impress in this region, and the egos make it even better. All of these teams believe themselves to be the best. There is no question that drama will develop and some friendships may even end. Don’t miss the NA East action beginning on October 29. All heats will coincide.

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