Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4 Broadcast Team Unveiled

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Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4 Broadcast Team Unveiled

ESTNN details the broadcast lineup for FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4.

Three days stand between competitive Fortnite players and the commencement of this season’s Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). Trios will take center-stage this time around, with $5 million on the line throughout the next four qualifying weeks across all seven regions. It’s an exciting time in what could be one of the best seasons in quite a while. The same notion applies to the official Fortnite broadcasts – which returned after a long hiatus in Chapter 2 – Season 2. Epic Games has done a great job blending new casting talents like AussieAntics and ClayStehling, and originals MonsterDFace, SUND0WN and Zeke.

Official broadcasts will begin again for this season’s Fortnite Champion Series competition on Friday. Some familiar names will return, and new talents have emerged. Let’s take a look at the broadcasting lineup for FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4.

Official Broadcast Lineup

Fortnite’s FNCompetitive Twitter account unveiled the lineup earlier this evening. Original casters Zeke, SUND0WN, MonsterDFace and ShyoWager will return for the weekly FNCS streams. AussieAntics earned his first opportunity back in Chapter 2 – Season 2 and will return for this season’s broadcast as well. Two new casters – Reisshub and SanchoWest – will have their first crack at the official Fortnite stream. For those who don’t recognize those names, Reisshub emerged with unique content on the competitive Fortnite subreddit ( SanchoWest, on the other hand, is a regular caster on the DreamHack Open Fortnite streams.

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ClayStehling and Ballatw Absent

Unfortunately, two new casting talents on this season’s lineup meant that two others would fall below the wayside. Ballatw made headlines two weeks ago, after announcing that he would not return for FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4. Many members around the competitive scene questioned this decision by Epic Games. Regardless, ClayStehling will join Ballatw on the sidelines as well for this go-around in favor of Reisshub and SanchoWest. If you are looking for content out of Ballatw, check out his FNTASIA podcast on YouTube, Twitch and all podcast platforms.

When Does the Broadcast Begin?

The official FNCS broadcast will begin on October 9. Remember, Twitch Drops are available this season, so be sure to link your Epic Games account with your Twitch account to win some in-game items.

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