Ballatw and ShyoWager To Debut FNTASIA — A New Competitive Fortnite Podcast

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Ballatw and ShyoWager To Debut FNTASIA — A New Competitive Fortnite Podcast

Fortnite casting partners Shayan “Shyowager” Shehryar and Arten “Ballatw” Esa announced FNTASIA – a brand new weekly podcast covering competitive Fortnite.

This news comes mere days after Balla revealed that he will not return to Fortnite’s official Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) broadcast this season. Despite the unfortunate revelation, Balla promised to continue providing content to the competitive community. That will come in the form of this new podcast – hosted by two of Fortnite’s most respected casters/analysts.

Podcast to Debut on October 2

Out of seemingly nowhere the FNTASIA Twitter account appeared in the feeds of competitive Fortnite fans. With it came a teaser, featuring Balla and ShyoWager having heated discussions. Some of those topics include the Fortnite World Cup, broken items and weapons, underrated players and the official Fortnite broadcast. That is the only post on FNTASIA’s Twitter account, which currently boasts almost 1K followers.

Considering Balla and ShyoWager’s status in the Fortnite pro scene – fans can expect some hot takes, in-depth analysis and hopefully some player interviews as well. It will provide a great platform to discuss what is going on in competitive Fortnite; As we all know, there is never a dull moment. ShyoWager gave his Twitter followers an idea of what he and Balla will discuss each week on FNTASIA.

Expect to see FNTASIA on Twitch, YouTube and all relevant podcast outlets beginning on October 2!

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