Fortnite: Epic Reschedules 1% Cup 10 Minutes Before The End Of Round 2 Due to Early Patch Release

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Fortnite: Epic Reschedules 1% Cup 10 Minutes Before The End Of Round 2 Due to Early Patch Release

The 1% Cup will now take place on Thursday.

Tragedy struck the first-ever Fortnite: Battle Royale 1% Cup late yesterday evening. For those who aren’t away, Epic Games teamed up with the relatively new esports organization – One Percent – to produce a unique online tournament. This competition occurred across two rounds and offered a $10K USD prize pool to all registered regional players. Over 290,000 people registered, but only 1% of the participants would advance to the final round. Unfortunately for some, Epic made the executive decision to cancel the second round due to an untimely server outage.

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1% Cup Second Round Postponed

With only ten minutes remaining in the money round, a server crash forced the Fortnite developers to postpone the 1% Cup. Acorn, a player for the 1% organization, took to Twitter with an assessment. “I feel so bad for my org, they worked so hard on this,” he said. “so unfortunate that the servers go down in the last 10 mins of the tourney…” It was a decision out of Epic Games’ control, as the server issues directly affected the tournament’s outcome. All of those players who worked so hard for their points did so for nothing.

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Heartt and Summr Lose Out

Pro players Summr and Heartt were the two most devastated victims. This duo would have won the tournament if it wasn’t for the decided restart. The pair found success despite forming a team at the last second. Summr and Heartt were understandably upset, considering they would have bagged $5K USD to split. They will have to keep the momentum up regardless of this deflating circumstance.

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Organization’s Response

After receiving the unfortunate news, 1% member Kiwiz released an update from his organization’s side. “This obviously sucks a lot for those in the top 5. But this was the only thing epic could’ve done,” he stated on Twitter. “Even though it’s not me or 1%’s fault, we feel horrible. Hopefully you guys still enjoyed the format.” Many Reddit users voiced their appreciation of the format, stating that each game featured unusually stacked end games.

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UPDATE: Early Patch Release Caused the Restart

One Percent member Kiwiz also confirmed that an early release of patch v14.60 caused the issue. Some players reported outages on Fortnite while the competition was nearing its conclusion. As a result, the tournament runners had no choice but to restart the entire second round, which was ten minutes away from finishing. The early patch deployment likely interfered with the 1% Cup’s queues.

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This incident must have been a widespread outage, considering Epic’s decision to restart the second round. For players like Heartt and Summr, it’s a terrible unenviable situation that no one hopes to experience. Meanwhile other players near the bottom of the leaderboard are licking their chops. It looks like the thrilling conclusion will have to wait until this Thursday.

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