Fortnite Eclipse Event – Is There an Event in C5 S2?

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Fortnite Eclipse Event – Is There an Event in C5 S2?

Is there a new Fortnite Eclipse event and Black Hole coming or is this just a promotional thing outside of the game?

This week, some regions of the world are going to see something special. A total solar eclipse. A bit of a rare occurrence, we’ll see the sun entirely blocked out by the moon. Most people will be rushing outside to see the sight themselves. What if you’d rather see a Fortnite eclipse though?

The game is pretty well known for its live events. That’s included a Fortnite black hole live event which did kind of resemble an ellipse. Given Fortnite’s habit of trying to celebrate any real-world occasion with something in-game, some players think we might be getting an event in-game to celebrate the eclipse.

Although, with some digging it looks like this might just be a different organization using Fortnite for some advertising. What’s happening for the Fortnite eclipse?

Fortnite Partners With NASA for Eclipse Promo

Fortnite Eclipse Twitch Stream

What’s spurred this sudden outpouring of speculation for an in-game event hasn’t been teases from Epic or Fortnite leaks. Instead, it’s been an in-game teaser for the upcoming real-world eclipse. It isn’t specifically Fortnite trying to host something for the eclipse, it’s NASA.

To try and get a younger generation interested in the eclipse, NASA has chosen to partner with Fortnite and Minecraft. They’ll be using both games in a promotional stream to celebrate the real-world eclipse. This will only last for about four minutes, but the stream will be a bit longer. It won’t feature the Fortnite black hole though.

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The Fortnite Eclipse isn’t really something happening in-game, at least this part of it. This is just NASA creatively using the tools in Fortnite Creative to promote the celestial happening. People use Fortnite Creative to make great Fortnite XP maps, or anything else. However, it’s always cool to see them used in that way.

Is the Fortnite Black Hole Coming Back?

fortnite end 2

That’s why Fortnite Eclipse is getting trumpeted everywhere, but does this relate to the Black Hole? The old Black Hole event closed out Chapter 1. It wasn’t actually an eclipse though, it was (as the name kind of makes obvious) a black hole.

The Fortnite black hole isn’t coming back for the Eclipse. We might eventually see something similar in the future though, at the end of the Chapter. At the moment it’s likely not involved with the Fortnite eclipse event though.

Is There a Fortnite Eclipse Event Coming?

It’s a NASA-promoted stream that’s using Fortnite that’s mainly celebrating the eclipse. Is Fortnite doing anything in-game to mark the eclipse though?

At the moment, it doesn’t look like it. We haven’t had an update since last week. This update didn’t seem to add anything to the files. However, we could see the sun briefly blocked out in-game. This might be a fun way to mark it. Anything outside of that minor interaction is unlikely though.

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When is the Fortnite Live Event

When Epic is gearing up for an event, even a smaller one like the Pandora chest, we get files and special models added to the files. Without that, there’s nothing to use in the Fortnite ellipse event. Since we haven’t had any leaks of things added for an event, it’s probably not happening. It’s still cool to see the Fortnite eclipse celebrated in a NASA stream though.

Fortnite Eclipse Event – Is There an Event in C5 S2?
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