Fortnite Drake’s Map: Where to Find & How to Use

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Fortnite Drake’s Map: Where to Find & How to Use

Find out where you can locate Drake's Map in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 and how to locate the buried treasure.

Fortnite's latest collaboration brought Uncharted characters Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazier into the game as purchasable cosmetic outfits. The two recognizable characters from the Naughty Dog video games series and recently released feature-length film are now available via Fortnite's Item Shop. However, that's not all Epic Games conjured up with the recent Gaming Legends Series crossover. 


An accomplished treasure hunter, Nathan Drake has more to offer Fortnite players than a slew of cosmetics. The developers used this collaboration to revive the beloved Treasure Map concept shown in Chapter 1 Season 8. Epic officially rebranded ‘Buried Treasure' to ‘Drake's Map' in Chapter 3 Season 1. Today, we'll explain where you can find Drake's Map and how you can follow the trail to obtain worthwhile rewards.

Where to Find Drake's Map

The Fortnite map showing Drake's Map Location marked with a red circle

We've dropped into multiple matches following the inclusion of Drake's Map and have found them on a few occasions. It seems the item spawns primarily on the ground in the Sanctuary area, where there's lots of sand and water. The section highlighted on the map above provides the best chance of finding Drake's Map. 

Finding Drake's Map

You may need to use trial-and-error before locating the item, considering many others in your match will want to do the same. Try dropping into one of the three islands near the Sanctuary and search for a glowing gold item. We were able to find a map sitting on a dock beside The Seven Outpost. Keep in mind that Drake's Map does not spawn in a Chest, so look only for items on the ground in plain sight.

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How to Use Drake's Map

Locating the map is arguably the most challenging part. Once you possess one, the end game is relatively straightforward. Using Drake's Map is as simple as holding it in your hand and following the dotted line to the ‘X' that marks where the treasure lies. The video above per Fortnite leaker HYPEX showcases the process's simplest form. 

After locating the X, you must dig the treasure out with your pickaxe. A treasure chest will then spawn with loot such as legendary weapons, healing items, materials and much more. The loot you find inside the treasure chest should help you rack up eliminations and eventually earn the Victory Royale. 

While finding Drake's Map and the treasure may take some time, it's a worthwhile experience. According to Epic's blog post, the Drake's Map item will remain in Fortnite until the end of Chapter 3 Season 1. That gives you plenty of time to perfect your strategy and enjoy the riches. Also, you can check out the various Fortnite x Uncharted cosmetics available in the Item Shop.

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