Fortnite: Clix Vows To Act More Mature Amid Creator Code Loss

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Fortnite: Clix Vows To Act More Mature Amid Creator Code Loss

Clix commits to a more mature persona after Epic’s recent string of discipline.

It’s been a rough week for one of Fortnite Battle Royale’s best — Cody “Clix” Conrod. Over the last few days, the NRG Esports player lost his Support-A-Creator Code and received word that his name would no longer appear in Creative featured maps in the game.

This situation all transpired after Clix sent out a tweet that Epic Games deemed inappropriate. The developers took action to protect their game and issue discipline to the young star.

Epic Games’ moves to distance themselves from the 16-year-old hit him hard. After reflecting, Clix took to Twitter with a declaration, stating that he will carry himself more appropriately and set a better example.

Clix Vows to Act More Mature

A series of tweets from the Twitch superstar surfaced after midnight, explaining his next steps after the last few run-ins with Epic Games.

“Gonna [sic] start being more mature on stream & all social media platforms. Learned a huge lesson about the creator code stuff, I just love f***ing around and being myself but with the huge community I have, I needa start setting an example.”

While there’s a certain authenticity to Clix’s personality, he recognizes the impact of his words on social media and Twitch in front of thousands. Epic Games is always watching and has never been afraid to discipline players when necessary. It’s not often that a player loses their SAC code; which exists as a crucial line of revenue for many personalities in the Fortnite scene.

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He continued his statement, promising to continue being himself, but more or less to stop stepping over the line.

“I'm gonna [sic] still b myself i'm not lettin anyone change me or make me fake my personality, just needa stop the stupid overline s*** (tweets that'll affect contracts/epic games etc).”

A Lesson Worth Learning

Whether intentional or not, Epic Games seems to have taught Clix that actions bear consequences. The young player is a pillar in the current Fortnite scene and one with an entire community supporting him.

Epic has not acknowledged the situation with Clix directly, but it seems various encounters with Donald Mustard, the wager match ban and the inappropriate tweet left them without many options. Hopefully, Clix can spin the situation positively and grow as an influencer. It’s the best path for him and Epic to salvage their relationship.

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