Fortnite: CizLucky Parts Ways with Tempo Storm

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Fortnite: CizLucky Parts Ways with Tempo Storm

Another professional Fortnite player is without an organization.

There’s a noticeable trend continuing to rise in competitive Fortnite with popular esports organizations jumping off the bandwagon of the once monumental Battle Royale. Today, Chris “CizLucky” Perez announced his departure from Tempo Storm. He was the last remaining player on their competitive Fortnite roster. With this roster change, Tempo Storm has effectively withdrawn from Fortnite for the time being; and CizLucky is now in search of another organization.

CizLucky Leaves Tempo Storm

CizLucky announced on Twitter that he is now a free agent after parting ways with his former organization. This talented NA East competitor spent nearly a year with Tempo Storm. In that period, CizLucky played exceptionally throughout his competitive Fortnite career. Tempo Storm did acknowledge CizLucky’s departure, thanking him for a great year.

Fortnite World Cup Qualification and Success

CizLucky reached the Duo Fortnite World Cup Finals alongside former duo partner and Tempo Storm player, Craig “Brush” Hechmer. They did so with a second-place finish in week four qualifiers. The two went on to finish in 36th place and split $100K USD at the World Cup Finals. This accomplishment was only the beginning for CizLucky during his tenure with Tempo Storm.

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Fortnite Champion Series Success

Fortnite Heroes appear in a washed out purple hue. The Soldier stands in the foreground with a can of spray paint. The words Fortnite Champion Series, Season X dominate the middle of the frame, obscuring her slightly from view.

Soon after the Fortnite World Cup, CizLucky joined forces with Noah “Vivid” Wright and Ryan “Chap” Chaplo of Team Liquid for the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. This trio shocked the world with a second-place finish in the Grand Finals and missed out on first place by only one point. CizLucky, Chap and Vivid split $135K USD three-ways and made a massive impact on competitive Fortnite. These three would remain on the same team and added a third Team Liquid member for the Chapter 2 Season 1 Fortnite Champion Series.

CizLucky, Chap and Vivid added Tom “72hrs” Mulligan to complete their four-person roster for the second-ever Fortnite Champion Series. The foursome ultimately qualified for the Grand Finals and rallied late in the competition to achieve sixth place. On top of his FNCS success, CizLucky performed well in Solo Cash Cups. However, despite his success, CizLucky adds himself to a laundry list full of Fortnite free agents.

Another Organization Drops Out

The past few months have been grim, to say the least for professional Fortnite players and organizations. We’ve seen FNATIC and Lazarus Esports completely disband their respective rosters. Teams simply do not see the value in Fortnite, considering the developer’s consistent shortcomings.

Although NRG,  100 Thieves and Team SoloMid continue to add players, organizations like Tempo Storm see value in more significant esports titles. Fortnite simply does not fit that bill in its current state. The result is for the loss of one of the more underrated players from the past two seasons. CizLucky has enough of a resumè to warrant the attention of other teams with the Duo Fortnite Champion Series just a few weeks away.

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