Fortnite: Motor, Pr0v0kd and Verox Leave Fnatic

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Fortnite: Motor, Pr0v0kd and Verox Leave Fnatic

Another esports organization has lost some key players amidst a competitive Fortnite drought.

Competitive Fortnite is in flux and has been due to the lack of silence on the part of Epic Games. The year 2019 represented many milestones reached for the three-year-old Battle Royale title. However, the esports landscape for Fortnite is genuinely unknown at this moment. Over the last few months, many high-profile players have parted ways with their respective organizations. We can now add Derman “Motor” Özdemir, Theo “Pr0v0kd” Guillemenot and Jacob “Verox” Gilbert to that list.

Motor Bids Adieu

In a somewhat heated Tweet, Motor announced his parting of ways with his former organization, Fnatic. It appears the frustration lay on the side of Motor, who began his journey with Fnatic in November of 2018. His career included outstanding results in the Season X trios format. The context of the message by Motor is unclear, but he followed up his initial Tweet with one that provided a bit more information.

Much like fellow successful organization Na’Vi, it feels as though Fnatic did not expect Fortnite to lack the organizational support that is common in other games. Unfortunately for Fnatic, Motor would not be the only player to leave amidst a strange time for competitive Fortnite.

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Verox and Pr0v0kd Follow Suit

In a more level-head Tweet, Verox announced that he is seeking opportunities elsewhere and will move on from Fnatic. After joining in April of 2019, Verox accomplished quite a lot, including impressive results in both FNCS tournaments and decent Solo Cash Cup results. He managed success despite competing against some of the absolute best in the European scene.

Pr0v0kd completed the trifecta of departures with his Tweet around the same time as Motor and Verox. The young Norwegian player performed well during Season X and in the recent Fishy Cup duo tournaments. He joins his former organizational teammates in free agency after allowing their contracts to end with Fnatic.

Fnatic’s CEO Speaks Out

Several hours after Verox, Motor and Pr0v0kd made their respective announcements, Sam Matthews of Fnatic spoke out in criticism of Epic Games. His Tweet points toward the previously mentioned fact that esports organizations constantly struggle to work with the Fortnite developers. This documented history dates back to the Fortnite World Cup, where the organizers limited players to how much they could represent their esports team. Epic Games has never shown interest in supporting organizations in Fortnite, and the trend of displeasure continues to grow. Whatever the case may be, Fnatic lost three talented players in the process who are now free to explore other options.

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