Fortnite: Khanada Signs With Team SoloMid

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Fortnite: Khanada Signs With Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid added yet another talented young Fortnite talent to their roster.

Leon “Khanada” Khim is one of the best and more Fortnite players out of the NA East region. Although relatively unknown at the beginning of 2019, Khanada saw a rise to stardom during Season X. Since then, Khanada has become a superstar in Fortnite with multiple tournament victories and notable placements. Coming off of his outstanding performance at DreamHack Anaheim, the 14-year-old officially signed a contract with an esports organization.

TSM Khanada

Team SoloMid announced their newest acquisition on Twitter, accompanied by a highlight reel of some of Khanada’s best highlights and moments. Before the news broke, many professional players and Fortnite fans tried to predict which organization would acquire Khanada. After DreamHack Anaheim, pictures surfaced online of the young player spending time with the TSM Fortnite team. On top of the photographs, Khanada recently changed his in-game name to TSM Khanada_. The two-time Fortnite Champion Series finalist waited patiently for a top-tier organization to offer him a contract. It didn’t take long for Khanada to agree with an organization after his offline tournament debut at the DreamHack Anaheim. At the event, he made it to the Grand Finals, achieved a Victory Royale in game one, and ended up in 12th place. The Solo Cup King found a place to call home as he continues his competitive Fortnite career.

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Khanada’s Competitive History

Before Chapter 2 Season 1, Khanada first gained recognition after joining Alex “Fiber” Bontello and Twitch star Turner “Tfue” Tenney during the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. The trio finished in 22nd place, but people quickly took notice of Khanada’s talents as a player. His stream grew at a rapid pace, and he began streaming Solo Cash Cup tournaments. Khanada earned three Cash Cup victories since the beginning of November and established himself as a top player. Considering how unpredictable Cash Cups often are, Khanada earned a spot atop the growing list of NA East talents.

Khanada, Fiber and Tfue added Cloakzy to complete their squad for the second iteration of the Fortnite Champion Series. The foursome performed consistently well throughout the season and capped it off with a seventh-place finish in the finals. Khanada has quite a career ahead of him if he can maintain this high level of play. Although competitive Fortnite’s future is in question, Khanada’s stream continues to grow, and he will be ready for what’s next.

TSM Replaces One Talent with Another

Despite the current situation of competitive Fortnite, Team SoloMid still feels comfortable enough to acquire more players. A few weeks ago, the popular esports organization saw the departure of a long-time member, Vinny “Vinny1x” Gilgan. He cited a lack of passion for Fortnite as his reason to retire from the game and his organization.

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Team SoloMid currently possesses eight professional players in total, including Khanada, making them one of the more impressive rosters top to bottom. He joins the likes of ZexRow, MackWood, Reverse2k, EmadGG, Slappie, Commandment and Crue in representing the Netherlands-based organization in all competitions in the future. The perennial NA East Cash Cup contender will not sport the TSM black and white colors for the foreseeable future.

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