Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7: UFO Abductions Have Begun — First Look

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Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7: UFO Abductions Have Begun — First Look

They’re here.

Epic Games has laid the foundation for Fortnite’s latest season, and an alien invasion of sorts is underway. The leaks began weeks ago, with much of the game’s reputable data miners uncasing small tidbits of information pointing toward UFOs appearing in-game. Recognizable personalities within the Fortnite scene then received a mysterious package, the contents of which included a presumed alternate reality game (ARG) to build anticipation for Season 7. More recently, concrete details about the teased UFOs surfaced on Twitter.

All of the leaks and teasers have led to this very moment, where UFOs would abduct players in-game. The first clip of this act is now available, and it’s the first official look at Fortnite’s latest season.

UFO Abduction Clip

Twitter user RexiumFN recorded the first documented video of a Fortnite alien abduction. While emoting in Risky Reels, a sudden beam of light appeared and selected a player at random. The player disappeared after flipping upside down before the video ended abruptly.

Second Clip Shows First-Person Perspective

Another clip of the abduction surfaced not long after the initial one. This time, Twitter user HyperDiamond123 navigated to Risky Reels and triggered the animation from the first-person perspective. The footage showed that the player passed through a beam of light before reappearing close to where the abduction occurred. As previously revealed, the player’s shield bar filled once returning from the UFO.

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Abduction Analysis

It seems that Risky Reels is the hot spot for extraterrestrial activity. The flying saucers seem to snatch one player at random, restore their health and shield and then beam them back down to a different location. Keep in mind, this is the early stages of Fortnite’s transition into Season 7, so it might be challenging to replicate the clips above. UFOs will appear more frequently throughout the next six days.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 is due to launch on June 8. While most of the details remain a mystery, one thing is for sure, UFOs have arrived, and more strange occurrences will likely follow.

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