Fortnite: Leaks Reveal A Potential Alien Theme In Season 7

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Fortnite: Leaks Reveal A Potential Alien Theme In Season 7

Could UFOs and aliens become the central focus of Fortnite’s latest season?

Fortnite Battle Royale is just two weeks away from the release of Chapter 2 – Season 7. Theories have begun floating around the Twitter scene regarding what the new installment could entail. The last two seasons have not followed any discernible pattern. Season 4 featured Marvel characters, Season 5 focused on the Zero Point and Season 6 brought Fortnite back to the Primal age.

With all that in consideration, it should come as no surprise that leakers are pointing toward a potential alien-themed Season 7. The few minor details we have seem plausible. Keep in mind, Epic Games has not confirmed the theories below, but they could contain spoilers.

Aliens in Season 7?

Fortnite leaker HYPEX revealed a new item dubbed “AwfulDuck” with a curious icon depicting an alien abduction. He followed that up with an audio clip that sounds eerie and extraterrestrial. An animation came soon after, showing a Fortnite character succumbing to alien abduction. HYPEX then revealed more information about UFOs that will appear in-game and what the mechanic entails.

Alien Abductions in Fortnite

It seems a bit late to add UFOs and aliens in Season 6, considering the new season launches on June 8. For those reasons, many are inclined to believe that extraterrestrial beings could play a significant role in Season 7. The details are a bit fuzzy, and it’s far too early to formulate clear theories about the new season. Regardless, it’s an interesting talking point that could lead to an exciting in-game event. There is no word of a live event yet, but there’s still plenty of time until the new season arrives.

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