Fortnite Season 7: Streamers Receive A Mysterious DVD In A Supposed Viral Marketing Campaign

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Fortnite Season 7: Streamers Receive A Mysterious DVD In A Supposed Viral Marketing Campaign

ESTNN breaks down the latest developments on Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7.

A survey of Fortnite Battle Royale's 80 million monthly players might not have landed on aliens as the theme in Chapter 2 – Season 7. With just two weeks remaining until Epic Games releases the latest update, many wonder what the developers have in store. All hints and leaks to this point have been nonexistent. That was until the release of patch v16.50, where leakers broke out their tinfoil hats and began theorizing what Season 7 could offer.

Based on what we know so far, it seems that extraterrestrial beings will appear in some fashion. ESTNN recently detailed all notable leaks, so check that out for more information. After the rumor mill began, Fortnite content creators, including AussieAntics and Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten received a mysterious gift; a DVD player and a disc to play. The situation grew stranger from there.

AussieAntics Reports on Twitter

AussieAntics — a competitive Fortnite streamer and commentator — took to Twitter with the odd package.

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“Just checking if any other Fortnite creators got sent a DVD player with a DVD titled ‘They're coming.'” He followed that, stating, “The video is panning drone shots of a forest with random symbols… Absolutely nothing to point towards it being Fortnite related.”

Many other personalities within the scene responded with a concerned tone. However, the Australian soon confirmed that fellow content creator, Loserfruit, received the same package. AussieAntics then located a phone number on the DVD. He only heard “random static and alien noises,” making the situation a bit more clear.


AussieAntics published a video this morning, where he investigates the mysterious DVD in hopes of cracking the code. He calls the phone number listed, and it's strange. The DVD is also odd and does not lend much in terms of information. However, all seem to point toward aliens in some regard.

Postcards, Posters and More Theories

Fortnite leaker “iFireMonkey” paid close attention to the Aussie's tweets and received more information. Many individuals received postcards with the same “They're coming” message included. Additionally, posters with that same saying have surfaced in Los Angeles. Given the package, recent leaks, the phone number, DVD, postcards, posters and the crops in Colossal Crops disappearing, Epic Games seems to have orchestrated an ARG ahead of the new season launch.

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Unfortunately, we won't know more information until someone decodes these strange cryptic messages. We'll be sure to update with more information as it becomes available!

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