Fortnite: Building Returns to Public Matches

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Fortnite: Building Returns to Public Matches

Fortnite’s Zero Build and standard building modes will coexist for the foreseeable future. 

In case you missed it, Epic Games boldly removed the game’s fundamental building mechanic to begin Chapter 3 Season 2. The move was risky, but ultimately paid off as players embraced the change. Content creators who had since switched games returned to Fortnite and enjoyed what Zero Build provided

It seemed inevitable that the developers would make a playlist dedicated to Zero Build, which came to fruition. The last chip to fall was the return of the classic building mode. Today, Epic Games brought the building back; players now have the option to build or not build. 

Building Returns to Fortnite

After a sizable delay following the release of Zero Build mode, the standard Fortnite playlists have returned. Epic Games released a tweet informing players that they can now play Fortnite how they please. Whether you’d like to build or not, there is something for everyone. 

The game offers a similar experience across both game modes, apart from the building aspect. You can still experience the new tactical sprint and mantling mechanics regardless of your chosen path. It’ll be interesting to see what players favor. Many content creators enjoy Zero Build as it is more casual and requires low mechanical prowess. 

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The Future of Fortnite

Fortnite Building Returns

It’s unclear whether Fortnite will maintain Zero Build beyond Chapter 3 Season 2. However, Epic’s decision to keep no-build an option should give you an idea; there are collections of players that prefer the new game mode. Given the overwhelmingly positive reaction, the developers would be wise to keep it an option. We’ll ultimately have to wait and see, as the decision lies in the hands of Epic Games. 

For now, be sure to jump into Fortnite and choose your own path or switch between game modes as you please. 

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