Fortnite: Best Weapons In Chapter 2 – Season 8

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Fortnite: Best Weapons In Chapter 2 – Season 8

Find out which weapons rank as the best in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8.

The latest season of Fortnite Battle Royale has been a blast to experience thus far. A Cube takeover led to what some are calling the best update in quite some time. You might be wondering what makes Chapter 2 – Season 8 so good. Well, Epic Games re-introduced the fan-favorite Slip Streams back into the game, added the unique Sideways areas and there's a ton of loot available on the map.

Those points are merely scratching the surface. It’s always important to consider the selection of weapons when assessing each season, considering their importance to the overall experience. Over the years, Epic has conjured up some unique ideas in this regard, and each seasonal loot pool tends to offer a different range of options.

Today, ESTNN looks at how the weapons stack up as we select the best ones you'll want to use when you're on the battlefield. Join us for a helpful guide to the best enemy eliminators in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8.

Honorable Mention – Charge Shotgun

A Charge Shotgun from Fortnite on a blue background.

The Charge Shotgun first appeared in Chapter 2 – Season 3, and most players did not enjoy the change of pace and its charging mechanic. However, it's proved to be a weapon that — if used correctly — can be more valuable than any other shotgun in Fortnite. It packs a massive punch even in its Uncommon rarity, and the higher versions can send opponents to the lobby in the blink of an eye.

It may not receive the attention it deserves, but don't sleep on this weapon. There's nothing more satisfying than delivering a fully charged shotgun blast to an adversary. For those reasons, the Charge Shotgun belongs on this list in some capacity.

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#5 – Burst Assault Rifle (Epic & Legendary Rarities)

A Burst Assault Rifle from Fortnite appears on a purple background.

Like the Charge Shotgun, Fortnite's Burst Assault Rifle has come a long way since the early Chapter 1 days. Back then, it was a weapon that players only carried if there were no other options. Epic Games has since added the Epic and Legendary versions — commonly referred to as the Aug — which hits like a mack truck in the right hands.

Although the number of bullets it shoots per burst lowered a few seasons ago, it's still a weapon that deals a lot of damage in a short amount of time. The Burst Assault Rifle also contrasts the much more popular and effective regular Assault Rifle. If you eliminate the Slone NPC, a Mythic version is available, but we strictly rate the non-Mythic rarities in this list. The Epic and Legendary versions are undoubtedly worth adding to your arsenal.

#4 – Assault Rifle (Epic & Legendary Rarities)

The Assault Rifle available in Fortnite, a pale tan automatic rifle with a grey clip sits against an orange background

The Assault Rifle is one weapon that Epic Games likely won't ever remove from Fortnite's loot pool. It's reliable in a pinch, and the Epic and Legendary rarities are perhaps the most impactful weapons to carry. Both variants deal heavy damage from afar and up close.

There's not much more to say since anyone who has played Fortnite knows that an Assault Rifle is perhaps the most integral part of your inventory. Don't think twice about carrying an Assault Rifle — especially if it's Epic or Legendary.

#3 – Sideways Minigun

A Sideways Rifle and Sideways Minigun from Fortnite appear on a red to yellow gradient background.

Found only in the Sideways, this otherworldly Minigun is an updated take on the classic Fortnite weapon. Its fire rate and damage are intimidating; you'd be wise to carefully approach a fight with an opponent using the Sideways Minigun. It comes in five rarities; Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic.

Even the lightest version shreds through structures quickly with 133 DPS. The Mythic version bolsters a whopping 168 DPS and its overheating mechanic does not last as long. It can be challenging to find, primarily because you can only obtain the Sideways Minigun from the location it represents. Regardless, it's rewarding to use and annoying to counter. You can also upgrade the rarity of your Sideways Minigun by using Cube Monster Parts from the Sideways.

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#2 – Rail Gun

A Rail Gun from Fortnite appears in front of an alien ship interior background.

Perhaps the most polarizing weapon in recent Fortnite history returned for a second straight season. The Rail Gun — introduced in Chapter 2 – Season 7 — is a genuinely sinister beam rifle that carries bad intentions. Developed by the Imagined Order, the Rail Gun deals significant damage directly to an opponent, including through at least one fully built wall. The weapon became a subject of controversy last season, particularly in the competitive scene.

Epic ultimately removed the Rail Gun from competitive modes in the interest of fairness. However, the public match warriors can still get their hands on this dominant piece of hardware. The reload time can certainly pose an issue, but the Rail Gun covers its minor shortcomings with between 85 and 94 DPS, depending on the rarity. Hold onto this weapon for dear life if you manage to grab one from the various IO Chests around the map.

#1 – Pump Shotgun

A pump shotgun from Fortnite appears on an orange background.


Not many weapons in each season can usurp the classic Pump Shotgun. It's a go-to for players of all skill levels and rewards accuracy, unlike almost any other weapon. While the lower rarity versions leave a lot to be desired, an Epic or Legendary Pump Shotgun is the bee's knees. Epic Games resurrected the Charge Shotgun and brought back the Lever Action variant, but the two pale in comparison.

Shotguns are the driving force in Fortnite; it's not easy to find success and eliminations without one. For those reasons, the Pump Shotgun reclaims its place atop the throne despite the Common, Uncommon and Rare versions lacking in the damage department. That just shows you how good the Epic and Legendary Pumps are in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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