Fortnite Operation: Sky Fire Event Recap — Kevin The Cube Returns, The Season 8 Wait Begins

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Fortnite Operation: Sky Fire Event Recap — Kevin The Cube Returns, The Season 8 Wait Begins

ESTNN recaps the Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 ending event.

Fortnite players worldwide celebrated the end of Chapter 2 – Season 7 earlier today with the Operation: Sky Fire event. Epic Games announced a season-ending event a few weeks back, which would segue the game into Chapter 2 – Season 8. Details behind Operation: Sky Fire remained a mystery despite a few hints from the developers. Still, players were excited nonetheless to welcome a new season of the four-year popular Battle Royale title.

Epic Games disabled game modes this afternoon before the official opening of the event queues. Players dropped into the pre-Operation: Sky Fire setting above Corny Complex and watched as the time overhead slowly ticked down to zeros across the board. A journey into the enemy extraterrestrial forces’ Mothership ensued, where a familiar relic from Fortnite’s past resurfaced in all its glory.

Operation Sky Fire Recap

Players stood atop the partially abducted Corny Complex to begin Operation: Sky Fire, where Season 7’s main character Slone plotted to explode an arsenal of bombs to thwart the Alien attack. Before long, players were sucked into the Alien Mothership, where they sat inside a chamber similar to the Abductor ships. Slone functioned as a navigator around the alien forces to avoid detection and further the plan along.

After successfully avoiding the extraterrestrial enemies and navigating the monstrous ship, Slone led players to an observatory. Players looked out the window to find a different perspective of Corny Complex, but this time, the Season 7 location was floating inside the Mothership. Slone prepared to detonate the bombs, but an external force disrupted the signal. Players were left somewhat in the dark with a pool of purple liquid beneath them while Slone attempted to figure out the issue.

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Kevin the Cube Emerges

A shot of a Fortnite player's view during the Operation Sky Fire event, with them standing in blackness with a purple mist in front of them.
Credit: Arryh

All the rumors beforehand became a reality mere seconds later as Kevin the Cube—last seen in its original form in Chapter 1–emerged from the purple liquid.

“This is impossible. We thought it was gone for good!” spoke Slone in dismay. “Last time it nearly destroyed the island!”

The Cube eventually surfaces in its full size, to which Slone urges, “We need to hit this thing hard and fast.” She then weaponizes the players’ packs to shut down the Cube before it can deal damage. The attempt is successful, and all of the Cube’s energy dissipates, and the purple color turns white.

Bombs Armed for Detonation, Invasion of the Cubes

A Fortnite player's view from the Operation Sky Fire event, showing them in the Mothership with purple lights and magma.
Credit: BNNYSamuu2

The Mothership’s windows open back up, and Slone arms the bombs for detonation. She sets a two-minute and 45-second timer for the explosion. With under two minutes remaining, the Cube and the water beneath it began to glow blue. Players and the now-blue Cube started to ascend the Mothership. Once reaching the top, the setting changed to a mysterious cave, where players remained.

As the timer expired, thousands of smaller purple Cubes began to populate the surrounding area. The ensuing explosion sends players debris and the cubes crashing down toward the Fortnite map. Players had one last look at the Mothership before the screen faded to black, which resulted in a “To Be Continued in Season 8” screen. A 12-hour timer began, meaning Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 will arrive tomorrow, September 13 at 4 AM.

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What to Expect in Season 8

Details are at a premium amid Fortnite’s season-ending downtime. We can expect a vastly different landscape based purely on the final images of Operation: Sky Fire since several large pieces of debris and cubes struck popular landmarks on the map. Cubes will play a significant role in Season 8, which the Reddit Fortnite insider recently revealed. Epic also provided a bizarre teaser featuring humanoid horses with weapons in hand.

The wait is officially underway after one of the most anticipated Fortnite events in recent memory. We’ll have to keep an eye on the leaks in the lead-up to Chapter 2 – Season 8. Stick with ESTNN for more updates regarding Fortnite’s latest season.

Featured Image: iFireMonkey 

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