Fortnite Insider On Reddit Reveals Marvel Shang Chi Crossover, Season 8 Live Event & More

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Fortnite Insider On Reddit Reveals Marvel Shang Chi Crossover, Season 8 Live Event & More

A reliable Fortnite insider on Reddit has revealed some planned collaborations and Season 8 details.

The same Fortnite insider who surfaced a few months back on Reddit has returned. This mysterious individual revealed countless planned collaborations, including Ariana Grande and Fortnite-related items that have since come to fruition. Radio silence followed shortly after the initial post went live on Reddit last month.

Now, they are back with more spicy details regarding the next few months of Fortnite Battle Royale through Chapter 2 – Season 8. We already know how reliable and accurate this Fortnite insider has been, so let’s see what more is in the works for Fortnite Battle Royale.

Shang Chi, Will Smith & Fortnite Crew

[Mod Post] Info From The Insider Vol. 2 from FortniteLeaks

The Fortnite Leaks subreddit is home to those across the scene that have unearthed details buried in the game’s data files. Yesterday, a subreddit moderator shared details from the Fortnite insider, including a crossover with the upcoming Shang Chi film from Marvel Comics, the Will Smith collaboration which we learned about recently and a Fortnite Crew leak worth considering.

Here is the complete list of information gleaned from the Reddit post regarding cosmetics.

Crossovers & New Skins:

  • Mike Lowery (Will Smith) – 8/28
  • Shang-Chi – 9/2
  • Something called “First Shadows” coming to FN Crew
  • Language used made it seem like its more than one thing
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We now know that the Mike Lowery skin will arrive in the Item Shop on August 28 and the Shang Chi crossover is on the schedule for September 2. The Fortnite Crew information does not have a tangible date, but we can expect something soon with the month of August coming to an end.

Season 8 Countdown & Other Details

The fortnite character Dr. Slone stands on a black truck with Rick from Rick and Morty painted on the side, speaking to other characters through a megaphone. Above her one of the alien ships hovers in a cloudy sky

On top of the leaked cosmetics, the Fortnite insider also revealed some details about Chapter 2 – Season 8, which is due for release in a few weeks. It appears that Epic Games is planning an event to end this season, as referenced in the information below. The season-ending event, dubbed “Skyfire,” will start with a countdown on September 3, like recent in-game events. As previously teased, Kevin the Cube will also make its long-awaited return in Season 8.

Here are leaks referencing Chapter 2 – Season 8.

Season 8 News:

  • Something codenamed “Skyfire” will start counting down 9/3
  • Sideways confirmed to be a alternate dimension
  • Kevin the cube coming back is confirmed

Only a few weeks stand between Fortnite fans and the next installment to the four-year Battle Royale journey. We’ll have to see what more information surfaces in the lead-up to Chapter 2 – Season 8. Until then, this should keep us busy for the time being.



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