Fortnite x Will Smith Collaboration Has Leaked

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Fortnite x Will Smith Collaboration Has Leaked

Recent leaks in the Fortnite scene revealed an upcoming crossover with actor Will Smith of the “Bad Boys” and “Men in Black” film series.

It should come as no surprise to Fortnite Battle Royale fans that Epic Games is planning yet another barrier-breaking collaboration. The developers have managed to breach into the world of Marvel Comics and DC Comics over the last few years. Some more recent crossovers include Terminator, Alien, Predator, Free Guy and countless others that would be challenging to list here. Just when you thought Epic had done it all, another unique collaboration involving Hollywood actor Will Smith has leaked ahead of its planned release.

Fortnite x Will Smith Collaboration

As usual, Fortnite leaker HYPEX was at the forefront of this leak alongside Not0fficer. The image depicts Will Smith of the Fresh Prince of Belair fame clearly in the Fortnite lobby. It appears the skin takes inspiration from the Bad Boys film series, which stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as police narcotics officers. Smith starred in the latest installment, dubbed “Bad Boys for Life,” back in January of 2020 and has starred in all three films in the series.

A promo image for the movie Bad Boys with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith posing together.
Image via Sony Pictures.

The image above is how Will Smith’s character “Mike Lowrey” appears in the movie Bad Boys, and it seems similar enough to the Fortnite cosmetic outfit. However, this is only a theory. Epic Games has not acknowledged the leaks yet, nor announced the Fortnite x Will Smith collaboration. We’ll have to wait and see what comes to light over the next few weeks.

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Featured Image: Brian Bowen Smith

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