Fortnite: Best Moments Of 2020 – Honorable Mentions

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Fortnite: Best Moments Of 2020 – Honorable Mentions

ESTNN highlights honorable mentions for Fortnite’s best moments of 2020.

Competitive Fortnite in 2020 featured some fascinating storylines and developments. There was no shortage of rivalries, comebacks and money on the line. Despite the lack of consistent LAN tournaments, Epic Games compensated with countless online competitions where players could cement themselves as legitimate Fortnite champions. Quite frankly, far too many moments transpired over the last 12 months than we could fit in one list. So we've compiled a list of honorable mentions as we narrowed down the best Fortnite moments of 2020.

Teeq and k1nzell Each Win Two DreamHack Open Tournaments

In lieu of offline events in 2020, DreamHack constructed an online tournament series open to any Fortnite players located in the NA East, NA West and Europe regions. The organization offered a $1.75 million prize pool spread across six months in various solo tournaments. Most players enjoy DreamHack’s format and scoring system, so there was a general sense of positivity throughout the competitive scene. Enter European players teeq and k1nzell, who clearly understood the DreamHack format through and through. These two went on to dominate their region’s tournaments and overcome some well-known players in the process.

Polish player teeq won the inaugural tournament in July, earning 373 points over the final eight matches. Despite DreamHack Anaheim Champion MrSavage mounting a comeback, teeq did just enough to claim his first major tournament victory. The Pole repeated the same success just two months later. He managed 260 points in the Grand Finals, which granted him victory once again. In total, teeq secured $32K USD from DreamHack tournaments alone, establishing him as a top player in Europe and one to keep an eye on in the DreamHack Online Open.

Slovenia’s k1nzell replicated the same results as teeq, winning the August and October DreamHack Online competitions. His first win was a runaway, which saw the veteran compile 293 points in the finals. K1nzell eclipsed 300 points to close out October’s event, netting him another $16K USD. Like teeq, k1nzell padded his career earnings with $32K USD from DreamHack tournaments and bested some of Europe’s top names in the process.

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Benjyfishy & MrSavage Reunite

Pro players benjyfishy and MrSavage became one of the world’s most electrifying duos during the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. Unfortunately, their partnership came to an end shortly after the tournament. Both players headed back across the pond, and benjyfishy soon found himself in a trio with fellow EU competitors Mongraal and mitr0. The three players dominated Season X, and Benjy felt it was in his best interest to part ways with MrSavage in favor of Mongraal as his duo partner. It was a sad sight to witness, considering Benjy and Savage’s past success.

The Mongraal and Benjy experiment did not work out as expected. Despite some small tournament victories, Mongraal and Benjy failed to qualify for the FNCS Grand Finals. Meanwhile, MrSavage and new teammateIDrop made the finals and achieved a respectable 12th place finish. The rumor mill fired up post Chapter 2 – Season 2. Would Benjy and MrSavage reunite for the first time since before Season X? We soon saw the answer on Twitter, when Benjy confirmed he and MrSavage would team once again to close out Season 2.

It took some time, but the Fortnite World Cup Finalists found their mojo. Their second Duo Cash Cup back resulted in a victory, and the entire community relished at the moment. Benjy and Savage were back on top. The transition from Season 3 to Season 4 brought trios back into the fold. LeTsHe joined Benjy and Savage, effectively cementing that the latter two would continue competing together, giving fans what they wanted for a long time.

Chap & Av vs. Tfue & Scoped at The Grotto

Chapter 2 – Season 2 created some storylines that will likely stand the test of time as Fortnite continues to evolve. Two veterans – Chap and Tfue – were some of the only remaining “OG” players from the game’s early days. With their past duo partners out of the mix, Chap and Tfue respectively chose two insanely talented controller players to compliment their savvy knowledge. Chap and Av became a top duo, as did Tfue and Scoped. The power of Season 2 location The Grotto caused unbridled chaos between these two teams.

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Chap and Av laid claim to the brand new point of interest early in the season. Tfue and Scoped decided it was the best spot for them after unsuccessful experiences elsewhere. Naturally, pride got the better of both duos, which led to constant spawn fights between the two. Neither Tfue nor Chap would relinquish control regardless of how badly one would lose to the other during scrims. The rivalry boiled over into the FNCS Heats.

Although the conflict did not live up to expectations, Tfue and Scoped fought Chap and Av multiple times off the spawn. Eventually, the latter decided to change their strategy to ensure their qualification to the Grand Finals. The weekly battles between both teams created one of the best storylines within the scene, and it was a lot of fun to witness.

Coop Takes Home FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 3 and DreamHack Open in the Same Week

NA East controller player Coop became one of the best in Season 3 by virtue of his accomplishments. Despite a quiet career before, Coop steadily improved over time. With a solo FNCS tournament on tap, the controller player took advantage of the opportunity. His incredible game sense and aim translated well in FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 3. Coop eked out qualification to FNCS Heats, where he began a run for the ages.

Coop reached the Grand Finals out of heat four. His path to victory would not be easy, with players like World Cup Champion Bugha and Illest looking to play spoiler. Coop was the best player on that day, earning 59 points overall, including 19 eliminations. He locked up first place and $50K USD in what was quite the showing. Coop’s party would not end there, as just five days after winning FNCS, he would add another win to his resumè.

The NA East controller player’s tirade continued in the DreamHack Online Open competition. Coop secured a position in the Grand Finals, where he put forth an exceptional effort across the final six matches. He churned out 280 points, edging out TSM Commandment for first place. In less than a week, Coop secured $60K USD in just two Fortnite tournaments. G2 Esports took notice and signed the FNCS Champion two months later.

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