Tfue and Scoped vs Chap and Av is a Rivalry that Fortnite Needs

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Tfue and Scoped vs Chap and Av is a Rivalry that Fortnite Needs

A situation between two duos is developing in The Grotto, and it has generated endless entertainment over the past few weeks of the Fortnite Champion Series.

Fortnite’s latest Champion Series event is in full swing with the world’s best players battling it out for a spot in the FNCS Heats next weekend. Many of the top professional duos have perfected their loot paths, teamwork and strategies as they look to win a portion of $5M USD. With so many different landing sports available, many players settle on the Ghost and Shadow locations due to their abundance of loot. However, there is one drop spot that many consider being the best, considering what players gain from landing there.

The Grotto

fortnite the grotto

For the uninformed, Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 brought five new locations to the evolving Battle Royale map. The Rig, The Grotto, The Agency, The Shark and The Yacht are the new locations, and each has its uniqueness about them. Although the topic is up for debate, most acknowledge that The Shark and The Grotto are the two locations with the best loot. Keying in on The Grotto, Brutus roams the area with a Mythic Minigun that is beyond recourse. Fighting against that weapon is a suicide mission, and the entirety of Fortnite's players would advise against it.

Additionally, The Grotto possesses multiple Heavy Snipers and a vault full of goodies. Duos land at The Grotto and fight each other to decide the winner of the insane amount of loot within. The NA East region has produced one of the best rivalries in this regard with Tfue and Scoped versus LiquidChap and MRKN Av.

Deciding on a Landing Spot

Through one week of the FNCS, Tfue and Scoped were at a loss after establishing an initial landing spot. They had been landing on The Henchman base located on the hill between Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks. The nearly three-month duo of Tfue and Scoped workshopped landing at The Grotto and decided that the loot was worth the grief. A Mythic Minigun, Heavy Assault Rifles, Heavy Snipers and multiple other options to choose persuaded them to land here. An unfortunate aspect of landing at The Grotto is the amount of fighting off the spawn that players have to endure. One of the duos Tfue and Scoped would eventually encounter is the dominant KBM (keyboard and mouse) and controller duo of Liquid Chap and MRKN Av.

Chap and Av had established The Grotto as their landing spot before the commencement of the Fortnite Champion Series. The power of this location is evident to all players, as Chap and Av have shown through four weeks of play. These two have battled many players while consistently jockeying for position at the point of interest. After many successful endeavors, Chap and Av would eventually initiate a heated feud pitting themselves against Twitch superstar Tfue and his duo partner Scoped.

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A Rivalry Born

Tfue and Chap are two of the more outspoken players in the competitive Fortnite community. Both players have their gripes with Fortnite and its developers but are also competitors down to their core. Their histories include success across multiple different seasons, and both found insane controller players to partner with for the foreseeable future. Enter Scoped and MRKN Av, who have both proven their abilities time and time again in competitive Fortnite.

As both duos load into the Battle Bus, we never really know what to expect. The feud between Tfue and Chap has taught us just how volatile Fortnite can be. The battle often comes down to who can execute at the moment, and occasionally the duo that grabs the Mythic Minigun off the spawn comes out on top. However, it's almost impossible to predict who will win any given encounter.

They've been fighting at The Grotto since week two, and it's been a pleasure to watch every time. Whether you're a Tfue and Scoped fan or a Chap and Av fan, this rivalry brings a unique perspective for the viewers. We can see into the minds of all four players as they look for angles on each other, attempt to eliminate Brutus and search for crucial weapons and materials to defeat one another.

The best part of this feud is the fact that neither team is willing to back off and pick a new location. The week four qualifier saw the two duos and some other grievers battling back and forth, trading eliminations and putting on a show. There's no shortage of trash talk on either end, and we've learned how these two duos feel about each other. It's difficult to tell if the disdain is genuine, but both Scoped and Tfue have made it clear that they think The Grotto belongs to them.

FNCS Week Four Finals

Extreme anger boiled over on Tfue and Scoped's side in the final qualifying week. Despite placing inside the top 20, these two could not help but chirp at Chap and Av for “camping in corners” and even voiced accusations of stream sniping. Tfue at one point nearly had Chap dead to rights with a minigun outside The Grotto before ultimately falling to Chap and Av. This left Scoped on his own, who eventually died later in the match. The situation in week four was more heated than ever, and it will likely double next week. Over a six-match stretch, these two duos fought in nearly all of them. With stage two happening next weekend, every game will carry importance as only the top 12 duos in each heat will find themselves in the Grand Finals.

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Heats and Grand Finals Ahead

With Chap and Av allegedly in the lead relative to eliminations over Tfue and Scoped, it'll be interesting to see where the two duos go from here. They've spent the last three weeks or so grieving each other and trying to play mind games. Chap has even nicknamed Tfue's fan base “Tenney Tots” based on the amount of hate they've sent toward him over the past few weeks. It leaves us wondering if either duo will deviate from their plan with a massive stack of cash on the line. The victors in the NA East Grand Finals will take home $44K USD, which is much more than these four players have won over the last month during qualifiers.

If it comes down to it, will Chap and Tfue continue going at it and give the viewers what they want? The answer to this question is hopefully, yes. As we await the announcement of the duos in each heat, we can only hope that Tfue and Scoped are in a different heat from Chap and Av. We will then see a Grand Finals showdown that will surely go down in Fortnite history as one of the best and most entertaining. Both duos would need to qualify for the Grand Finals, which should happen if they can defend their respective turfs.

However the feud plays out; it is one of the best of its kind and worth paying attention to whether Tfue and Chap are genuine about it or not. Expect fireworks between these two duos and all others who decide to involve themselves in this war. Tune in next weekend to see who triumphs over The Grotto in stage two and the Grand Finals of the Fortnite Champion Series.

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