Fortnite: OA Coop Wins NA East August DreamHack Online Open

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Fortnite: OA Coop Wins NA East August DreamHack Online Open

ESTNN breaks down results from the August NA East DreamHack Online Open Grand Finals.

DreamHack’s second monthly Fortnite tournament for the NA East region just concluded after two days and over 12 hours of intense action. Players from NA East represented their region as expected, but other talented competitors from NA West and Europe also partook in the competition. Day one of the tournament saw the top 750 players from two separate heats move into the semi-finals. From there, only the top 100 players would move into the Grand Finals.

For the lucky hundred that reached the final session, six matches stood between them and the $10K USD grand prize. The goal for all finalists was to accumulate as many points as possible. With names like Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha, Aspect, Assault and others in the mix, let’s see who came out on top and won $10K USD.

OA Coop wins his second straight solo tournament

A controller player named Coop of Optimal Ambition capped off Chapter 2 – Season 3 with his second straight major tournament victory. The first took place just last weekend, where he out-pointed the 100 best players from this season in the FNCS Grand Finals. He won $50K USD after compiling the best performance from top-to-bottom. Coop has now solidified himself as arguably the best solo player in Chapter 2 – Season 3 with a win in the DreamHack Online Open.

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Across six matches, Coop earned 280 points with 15 eliminations and no Victory Royales. He managed a second and third-place finish in two games, which yielded him a lot of placement points. Although TSM Commandment came close out that end, he fell just three points short of first place. One more elimination would have flipped one and two, which is similar to what took place in the EU DreamHack Online Open last month. Nonetheless, Coop’s 17.87 average placement won him the tournament and another $10K USD.

Commandment, as mentioned above, of Team SoloMid came close with a Victory Royale to close out the tournament. However, he came up just short of first place. He compiled 278 points across the six final matches with 18 eliminations and a Victory Royale in the last game. The young TSM member will add another $5K USD to his career earnings. Organizational teammates SEN Aspect and SEN Bugha respectively finished in third and fourth place. Aspect finished with 265 points, whereas the Fortnite World Cup Champion earned 249 in the Grand Finals.

Some other notable names atop the leaderboard include Assault, Pure Deyy and FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 3 runner-up Klass. See where all 100 finalists finished on the leaderboard below.

A spreadsheet showing the full 100 rankings of DreamHack's NA East Finals

Congratulations to all of the August NA East DreamHack Online Open Finalists and OA Coop for winning his second straight competitive Fortnite tournament! DreamHack will round out the month of August with Europe’s competition later today.

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