Fortnite: $1.75 Million DreamHack Online Open Final Results

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Fortnite: $1.75 Million DreamHack Online Open Final Results

DreamHack’s first-ever Online Open featuring Fortnite is now in the books after three days of NA East and European action.

Tens of thousands competed in the day one open qualifier, hoping to be one of the top 100 after the semi-finals completed on Saturday.

Several of the world’s best players qualified for the Grand Finals despite the randomness involved in solo tournaments. Out of the NA East region, Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha, FaZe Dubs, Liquid STRETCH and TSM ZexRow were some of the recognizable names to reach the Grand Finals. European players 100T MrSavage, FaZe Mongraal and NRG benjyfishy qualified for Europe and NA East finals.

Each Grand Final granted players eight games to rack up elimination and placement points. After a full day of action and over ten hours of gameplay, DreamHack crowned its first two online open champions. Let’s take a look at how the leaderboards broke down in Europe and NA East.

Europe – Grand Finals

The top 20 players in the EU region, featuring teeq at number 1

Polish player teeq came out on top in the Grand Finals of the DreamHack Online Open featuring Fortnite. His road victory began with the Open Qualifiers, where he came out of heat two in 250th place, barely qualifying for the semi-finals. Teeq then took 38th in the semi-finals before claiming victory in the Grand Finals.

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Teeq earned 373 points over eight matches with 15 eliminations and a Victory Royale. The two-time FNCS finalist finished with an average placement 15.63, which secured him the tournament win. He will take home $16K due to his performance in the Grand Finals after playing exceptionally throughout the day.

DreamHack Anaheim Champion 100T MrSavage led for much of the tournament but settled for second place overall. Despite not earning a single Victory Royale, MrSavage compiled a massive 24 eliminations and an average placement of 22.38 en route to 368 points. He played consistently well but fell just short in the final match, where he took ninth place.

Some notable names that ended up inside the top 20 include DreamHack Winter Champion Merijn, Kami, NRG benjyfishy, E11 TaySon, BL Anas, Vanish Sebbym k1nzell and EP TruleX. The complete final standings are below:

A spreadsheet showing the complete final standings for the EU region

Game Winners

  • Game 1 – VANISH Sebby
  • Game 2 – BL Anas
  • Game 3 – teeq
  • Game 4 – Kami
  • Game 5 – ATX Lneuf
  • Game 6 – Merijn
  • Game 7 – OVA Noahreyli
  • Game 8 – Refsgaard

NA East – Grand Finals

The final standings for the NA East Grand Final, showing Liquid STRETCH in first place

Liquid STRETCH executed a near-perfect effort over eight matches in the NA East Grand Finals, to claim first place and $10K USD. It all came down to the last game, where FaZe Dubs and STRETCH were alive late-game, but STRETCH third-place finish secured the win. STRETCH earned a staggering 446 points with 19 eliminations and an average placement of 7.25.

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STRETCH’s winning effort did not even require a Victory Royale, considering how consistently he played throughout the tournament, with four top-five finishes. After taking second in the NA East semi-finals, Liquid STRETCH rightfully earned his first major tournament victory.

In a post-tournament interview, STRETCH proclaimed that he is the best player in the world. He offered a word of advice to all hopeful professional Fortnite players out there, stating, “Fortnite is super inclusive. You can go pro at any time as long as you have the right mindset.”

FaZe Dubs was a constant thorn in STRETCH’s side throughout the entire competition. These two young phenoms jockeyed back-and-forth through all eight matches. Dubs managed 392 points with a Victory Royale and 20 eliminations. Some others inside the top-20 include NA East Semi-Final winner Fryst, TSM ZexRow, Bucke, French player Snayzy and 100T Ceice. See the complete results as well as each game-winner below:

A spreadsheet showing the complete results for the NA East Grand Finals

Game Winners

  • Game 1 – roqz
  • Game 2 – FaZe Dubs
  • Game 3 – 100T Ceice
  • Game 4 – Fryst
  • Game 5 – Timbers Kodi
  • Game 6 – Nexybtw
  • Game 7 – smqcked
  • Game 8 – Aperta

Congrats to teeq, Liquid STRETCH and all the finalists of the inaugural DreamHack Online Open featuring Fortnite. The tournament series will continue next weekend with the NA West region.

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