Fortnite: $1.75 Million DreamHack Open Qualifier Results

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Fortnite: $1.75 Million DreamHack Open Qualifier Results

Results from day one of the DreamHack Open featuring Fortnite.

The time has arrived for DreamHack’s first of multiple monthly online tournaments featuring a $250,000 prize pool spread across three major competitive regions. Players in Europe and NA East have the chance to qualify through to the Grand Finals with hopes of earning a piece of the money at stake.

Similar to offline events in the past, each competition will feature two open heats. The top 250 players per heat will secure a spot in the semi-finals. From there, 500 players will narrow down to 100 for the Grand Finals. An important note to keep in mind is that players can participate in all regions. Some notable names will participate in the semi-finals of both Europe and NA East.

With the open qualifiers in the rear-view, let’s take a look at which players will compete in the semi-finals tomorrow across all three competitive regions.

Europe – Heat One

ATX Lnuef earned a tie-breaker victory over fellow European player ATL LeTsHe in heat one of DreamHack Online. Lnuef, a Fortnite World Cup Finalist, completed seven matches out of ten, earning two Victory Royales and 553 points overall. He finished second in eliminations with 53, behind only LeTsHe, who finished with 65 eliminations and no Victory Royales. Both players will move into the semi-finals tomorrow, with hopes of finishing inside the top 100 and thus securing their seats in the Grand Finals.

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Some other notable players qualified for the semis in heat one, including FNCS Invitational Champion Wave JannisZ, DreamHack Anaheim Champion 100T MrSavage, Fortnite World Cup Champion COOLER aqua, NRG benjyfishy, FaZe Mongraal, mitr0, crr, VP Kiryache, E11 TaySon and many more. See the full list of heat one qualifiers below:
The full list of qualifiers for EU heat one

Europe – Heat Two

Aztech kikoo took first place in heat two, having played just seven out of ten matches. He earned 521 points overall, including one Victory Royale and 45 eliminations. Second place in heat two went to Joefn, who complete nine games with 493 points. These two players along with 248 others will compete in a maximum of ten games tomorrow with hopes of placing inside the top 100.

Some notable names competing in the star-studded semi-finals tomorrow include Scolleh EP, GODSENT znappy, Gambit Toose, G2 Tohaj, k1nzell, Vitality Nikof and many more. See the full list of heat two qualifiers below:
The full list of qualifiers for EU heat two

NA East – Heat One

Team SoloMid’s Commandment put on a clinic in heat one of the NA East DreamHack Open tournament. The three-time FNCS qualifier managed 618 points across ten matches. Commandment averaged nearly seven eliminations per game and earned 68 overall with three Victory Royales. Similar to his performance during the FNCS Invitational, Commandement considerably leads NA East heading into the semi-finals. Fryst, another FNCS Invitational finalist, compiled 561 points en route to a second-place finish.

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A total of 250 players fro, heat one will compete tomorrow in the DreamHack Open NA East semi-finals. Several European players and even some NA West players will be competing tomorrow for a spot in the Grand Finals. Some of those key players include Liquid Cented, Eclipsae, BL Hen, BL Raifla, NRG Clix, Atlantis LeTsHe, 100T MrSavage, NRG benjyfishy, FaZe Mongraal, mitr0, NRG EpikWhale, 100T Ceice, 100T Arkhram and several others. The complete list of qualified players is below:
The full list of qualifiers for NA East one

NA East – Heat Two

The former controller turned keyboard and mouse player NRG Unknown took first place in heat two with relative ease. In his final game, Unknown exhibited excellent reaction time and mechanics, resulting in a five-elimination fourth-place finish. He compiled a whopping 558 points and will look to mirror this performance in the semi-finals. RiftMull finished heat two in second place, earning 541 points with three Victory Royales.

Tomorrow will bring the semi-finals, and similar to heat one, the top 250 from heat two features a blend of NA East, NA West and European players. Some notables on the list include Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha, Liquid STRETCH, FaZe Megga, GODSENT wak1e, E11 TaySon, EP jacob, SEN Animal, VANISH Bully and Reverse2k. Check the full list of semi-final players below:
The full list of qualifiers for NA East two

Stay tuned to ESTNN for results from the DreamHack Open semi-finals tomorrow!

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