Fortnite: Arena Mode FFA Test Now Playable In-Game

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Fortnite: Arena Mode FFA Test Now Playable In-Game

Fortnite players can now try out a new Arena FFA playlist in-game.

Fortnite’s Competitive Twitter account teased new developments in the game’s Arena Mode yesterday. While it was rather vague in nature, the scene began theorizing the possibilities. Could Epic be working on long-winded improvements requested by the vast majority of players? It took only one day for Epic Games to expand on the Star Wars-influenced Arena Mode teaser. That ultimately materialized in an Arena Free-For-All (FFA) Mode, which players can experience right now in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Arena FFA Playable In-Game

Epic Games released a brief blog post explaining that Arena FFA is a respawn mode within Creative. Participants can compete in different “sessions” to earn Hype, Arena Mode’s form of ranking points. The post states that Arena FFA functions like the Arena Box Fight test last month.

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Since this is a test period, FFA Hype is separate from core Arena Mode playlists like solo, duos and trios. Interested players can queue into the free-for-all mode by locating the playlist shown below:

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A screen from Fortnite showing a variety of game modes to choose from, with Free for All Arena highlighted.


Competitive players would be wise to test and provide feedback as Epic Games requested. While this might not be exactly what players were looking for, the developers want to expand their reach upon Fortnite’s well-known formats.