Fortnite: Arena Box Fight Available For Testing On March 23

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Fortnite: Arena Box Fight Available For Testing On March 23

Fortnite Box Fighters, get ready!

Box Fighting in Fortnite has taken an entire population of players on its own separately from the traditional Battle Royale mode. Well-known professional players like Cody “Clix” Conrod and Leon “Khanada” Khim have helped elevate Box Fights into the limelight. The buzz behind this game mode even led to the Box Fighting Championship’s creation, where players can compete in tournaments with thousand-dollar prize pools. Given the support, Epic has begun testing an Arena Mode dedicated to Box Fighting, which could open up an entirely new world for Fortnite.

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Arena Mode Box Fight Coming Tomorrow

Arena Mode stands as the best option for players looking to dip their toes into the waters of competitive Fortnite. The team at Epic Games has officially launched a separate playlist for Box Fights. Here is some of the information provided in the blog post:

“In an effort to provide new competitive experiences for Arena players, we’re testing something new with Box Fights. Starting March 23, we’re kicking off a two-week test run of the community-favorite Creative game mode as a new means of earning Hype. Learn piece control, corner peeks and tracking through builds as you faceoff against players of similar Hype points.”

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Epic also added that Hype earned in the test phase does not affect other Arena Mode playlists. Nonetheless, those unfamiliar with Box Fighting will have a strong introduction outside of Creative Mode and Custom Matches. Players who regularly partake in Box Fighting matches can test their skills against various opponents in exchange for temporary Hype points.

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Box Fight Tournaments on the Way?

Competitive Fortnite continues to grow in different ways beyond the standard Battle Royale mode. It’s not irrational to think that million-dollar prize pools could be on the horizon for Box Fighting and Zone Wars. Those two variants have taken on a life of their own and are developing at a fascinating rate. Epic Games hosted an official Box Fight Limited-Time Mode (LTM) competition in the past but eventually canceled it due to a scoring exploit. An official Box Fight Arena Mode allows the community to expand in different directions.

Be sure to test and provide feedback to Epic when the new playlist arrives on March 23!

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