Fortnite: $25k BOOM.TV Code Red Results – Edgey & STRETCH Finish Strong

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Fortnite: $25k BOOM.TV Code Red Results – Edgey & STRETCH Finish Strong

An NA East powerhouse tandem rallied in the final three matches to win BOOM.TV’s $25k Code Red tournament.

High-level duo competitions have been hard to come by of late in competitive Fortnite. Trio tournaments took center stage in Season 5, and all other formats have essentially taken a back seat since then. DreamHack’s recent revival in the scene with $900k on the line meant trios would have to coexist with duos for the next several months. Players desperately needed practice for the task ahead.

That preparation came in the form of a $25k tournament by BOOM.TV, a reputable presence in the esports scene. The list of participants featured stars within the competitive Fortnite scene, including Cody “Clix” Conrod, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf and many former Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) winners. Teams had six games to compile a high score based on elimination and placement points. Only one could call themselves champions, and they would also walk away with $7.5k USD.

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STREdgey Win Three Straight to Claim Victory

Team Liquid player STRETCH and NRG Edgey rattled off three consecutive wins to claim the top spot over fellow NA East top dogs FaZe Cented and Commandment. It was the performance of a lifetime that required patience and consistency. The two trios separated themselves from the pack, each breaking the 200-point mark by a mile. STRETCH and Edgey amassed 30 eliminations and 247 points when the last Victory Royale screen rolled. Cented and Commandment had an exceptional average placement, but a challenging final game left them in second place.

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The two teams battling atop stole the headlines while everyone else jockeyed for a position inside the money. Perennial contenders and two-thirds of the reigning FNCS Champs – G2 Jahq and 1% Acorn – settled into third place with 189 points and 26 eliminations. The pair of Mikey6 and ENDLESS Okis rounded out the top four with 162 points. It was an intense competition and perhaps just a taste of what’s to come over the next several months. Here is the final leaderboard and prize distribution of the $25k Code Red tournament:

  • 1st: Liquid Stretch & NRG Edgey – 247 points – $7,500 & ROCCAT Care Package
  • 2nd: FaZe Cented & Commandment – 241 points – $5,000
  • 3rd: G2 Jahq & 1% Acorn – 189 points – $3,750
  • 4th: Mikey6 & ENDLESS Okis – 162 points – $2,500
  • 5th: G2 Smqcked & FS Casqer – 152 points – $1,875
  • 6th: Pxlarized & npen – 135 points – $1,875
  • 7th: C9 Avery & TrainH Saf – 130 points – $1,250
  • 8th: ENDLESS Reverse2k & TRNL Threats – 128 points – $1,250

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Many competitive Fortnite fans and players missed the hype that accompanies duo tournaments. BOOM.TV put together an entertaining broadcast, which highlighted some of the scene’s top talents. Hopefully, Epic Games will host more duo competitions soon.

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