Fortnite: 100T Arkhram Wins DreamHack Online Open NA West – Full Results

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Fortnite: 100T Arkhram Wins DreamHack Online Open NA West – Full Results

See who came out on top in the NA West region of DreamHack’s first Online Open tournament.

The first official DreamHack Online Open tournament is now over after back-to-back weekends of Fortnite action. Last weekend, teeq and Liquid STRETCH respectively won the Europe and NA East portions of the event. This time around, the NA West region took center stage with some notable names competing in the Grand Finals. Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha, NA East FNCS Invitational Champion Furious and NA West FNCS Invitational Champion Arkrham were some of the names involved. Bugha led the way after the semi-finals, with 438 points.

Players jockeyed for the upper-hand on the leaderboard for over five hours of gameplay. Let’s take a look at who came out on top to wrap up the inaugural DreamHack Online Open featuring Fortnite.

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100T Arkhram dominates NA West

The final standings after the Grand Final match, showing 100T Arkhram in first place

FNCS Invitational Champion Arkhram put on an absolute clinic against fellow NA West and event some NA East competitors. Over the eight Grand Final matches, the 100 Thieves player reached 509 points with one Victory Royale. He managed 28 eliminations and finished outside of the top-ten only once.

Many have theorized for a while that Arkhram is the best player that NA West has to offer, and his effort in the DreamHack tournament confirms it. He pocketed $4K USD for his victory and will look to continue this dominance into the upcoming FNCS and next month’s DreamHack Online Open.

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Quiet NA West standout Frapai took second place with 345 points. Although some may not know him, he has won multiple NA West Solo Cash Cups. This time around, his effort produced $2K USD. Liquid Cented rounds out the top-three after journeying back to the NA East region. Despite performing on high ping, he compiled 328 points. Another notable name atop the leaderboard is perennial NA West contender, NRG EpikWhale, who landed in fourth place. The complete final standing is below:

A spreadsheet showing the complete final rankings at the end of the Grand Final


Game Winners

  • Game 1 – 100T Arkhram
  • Game 2 – NRG EpikWhale
  • Game 3 – Acorn
  • Game 4 – wildfox.
  • Game 5 – Furious
  • Game 6 – jayrosez
  • Game 7 – XTRA middi
  • Game 8 – OA Coop

Congratulations to 100T Arkhram for an unprecedented run through the Grand Finals. The DreamHack Online Open featuring Fortnite will continue next month.

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