Fortnite: FNCS Invitational Championship Sunday Complete Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Invitational Championship Sunday Complete Results

The results are in for the FNCS Invitational. See who came out on top in all seven competitive Fortnite regions.

Seven FNCS champions were crowned today after the conclusion of the FNCS Invitational. To cap off Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, Epic Games hosted a $2 million tournament geared toward past FNCS finalists. What transpired included controversy, rivalries and plenty of money to go around. Grand prize money for the different regions ranged from as much as $120K USD for Europe to $15K USD for Asia, Oceania and the Middle East.

As the dust settled from 12 matches in the competition, seven Grand Champion stood tall. Let’s take a look at how each region played out at the end of the FNCS Invitational.


Two-time FNCS finalists Wave JannisZ held on to win his first major Fortnite tournament after an impressive display on day two of the FNCS Invitational. Consistency was key for JannisZ, who earned his first Victory Royale in 12 matches on the final day of the competition. Although he lost the lead early to Duo Fortnite World Cup Champion COOLER aqua, he steadied the ship when it mattered. JannisZ sealed the deal in the final match of the competition with a 12th place finish.

The leaderboard did not change whatsoever after two days of play. Duo World Cup runner-up Wolfiez finished 20 points behind JannisZ in second place. The previously mentioned aqua took third overall. Th0masHD, ATL LeTsHe and Wave Flikk notably surged up the leaderboard over the final stretch of games. Tournament favorite NRG benjyfishy struggled after winning the first two weeks of the FNCS Invitational. He finished off the Grand Finals in 57th place.

JannisZ walks away with a hefty $120K USD grand prize and the extremely rare Axe of Champions in-game item.
The rankings for Europe, showing JannisZ in first place The rankings for Europe showing Mongraal in 26th place

NA East

Top-ranked controller player Furious rallied back from a 16th place finish on day one to win the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals. Eliminations were the name of the game, and Furious had 29 of them over 12 intense matches. He reached 217 points overall, surpassing the likes of TSM Khanada, FaZe Bizzle, and yesterday’s leader, Cheater Neon. Furious added a victory to his impressive run through the FNCS Invitational after taking fourth and second in weeks one and two.

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Former Ghost Gaming player Assault also mounted a comeback of sorts to take second place in Grand Finals. He ended yesterday in 18th place but ultimately fell just short of a fellow controller player. Rounding out the top five was the ultra-consistent VANISH jahq along with TSM Khanada and World Cup Finalist FaZe Megga. More notable names at the top include FaZe Bizzle and Duo FNCS Champion NRG Zayt, who led at one point early on day two. The top 25 featured a who’s who of the elite NA East talents across the region.

Rankings for NA East showing Furious at number one Rankings for NA East showing Timbers at number 25

NA West

Fortnite World Cup finalist 100T Arkhram walked away with NA West FNCS Invitational Championship. He nearly reached 300 points overall and earned the highest point total out of any region. This keyboard and mouse player put up controller-like numbers with 30 eliminations and one Victory Royale. Arkhram can now add an FNCS title to his multiple Cash Cup victories. He also tacked an extra $40K USD onto his earnings.

Daddy rift fell short after leading on day one. He finished in second place, bagging $17.5K USD in the process. NRG EpikWhale and 100T rehx respectively finished in sixth and seventh place.
Rankings for NA West showing 100T Arkham in first place Rankings for NA West showing Kewl! in 25th place


Jordan of the x2Twins accumulated 108 points on day two and 212 points to crown himself the king of Oceania. He finished off day one in third place but continued to string together solid performances down the stretch. Jordan’s last four games all resulted in top-15 finishes. He maintained a consistent strategy that paid off in the long-run. Jordan pocketed $15K USD for his performance, and he will hang on to the Axe of Champions for another season.

DreamHack Anaheim standout RepulseGod competed under the name apu on a bicycle for this final day of competition. He tacked on an additional 109 points after the last six matches, resulting in 204 points and a second-place finish. BLS Muz moved up six spots on the leaderboard to take third place. Other notables atop the leaderboard include Cash Cup warrior worthy and AO Summer Smash standouts looter and Breso.

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Congratulations to X2Twins Jordan on an outstanding run to the top.
 Rankings for Oceania showing X2Twins Jordan in the top spot Rankings for Oceania showing colt at number 25


The three-peat is complete for South American standout Frosty. In an unprecedented performance, Frosty ran through his Brazilian counter-parts to walk away with a hefty $40K USD grand prize. After winning weeks one and two, Frosty cemented himself as the best solo player in the Grand Finals of his region. Over 12 matches, Frosty reached a whopping 40 eliminations and completed two Victory Royales.

Fishy L2R2 moved up one spot with 225 points overall and took second place. Some of the other noteworthy names in the Brazil region include multiple time FNCS finalists SNG King and Mojak, who took fifth and sixth respectively.
Rankings for Brazil showing Frosty in first place Rankings for Brazil showing xown in 25th place


An unfortunate circumstance developed on the final day of competition in the Asia region. The would-be winner received a ban after cheating allegations surfaced. This discovery ruled him out of the tournament, making cr qjappy the Grand Champion. Qjappy only needed 68 points today to achieve first place in the FNCS Invitational. After winning week two in the FNCS Invitational, qjappy secured his second win in as many weeks. ASF Magu moved up four spots from day one to finish in the runner-up position.

Despite the cheating incident, qjappy completed an impressive FNCS Invitational win. He deservingly takes home $15K USD and the Axe of Champions.
Rankings for Asia from #2 due to the cheating allegations, as a result Qjappy is the winner of the FNCS Asia region Rankings for Asia showing fa1zzybae at number 24

That concludes our coverage of the FNCS Invitational. Congratulations to all seven winners for the hard work that they put in over the last three or four weeks. They are all holders of the Axe of Champions until the next FNCS Solos event, which will take place in Chapter 2 Season 3.

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