Fortnite: $10,000 Nick Eh 30 Cup Results

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Fortnite: $10,000 Nick Eh 30 Cup Results

Which Fortnite player secured victory in the first-ever Nick Eh 30 Cup?

Content creator, Twitch personality and occasional competitive player Nick “Nick Eh 30” Amyoony joined other known commodities like benjyfishy and Mongraal in receiving his own Fortnite tournament.

Dubbed the Nick Eh 30 Cup, the Canadian Twitch streamer worked closely with Fortnite tournament runners to develop a unique scoring system for this solo NA East competition. The catch with this tournament was the heavy emphasis on placement points versus elimination. Nick confirmed that Epic Games designed a scoring system that would produce better end games. Players needed enough points to finish inside the top 99 and qualify for the Grand Finals.

The 100th player in the Nick Eh 30 Cup was the host himself, who spectated many players’ points of view in opens before streaming the final six matches. Some outstanding players reached the Grand Finals, including NRG Ronaldo, TNA Mero, TSM MackWood and NRG Clix, who took first in the open qualifiers. Even French player MCES Andilex managed to find himself inside the top 99. All 100 Grand Finalists battled for a share of $10K USD and a claim to the Nick Eh 30 throne.

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Crumble walks away victorious

Six intense placement-heavy matches decided the outcome of the inaugural Nick Eh 30 Cup. With 218 points, NA East’s Crumble came out on top amidst some of Fortnite’s marquee names. Despite not earning a Victory Royale, Crumble achieved two fourth place finishes and a seventh. In total, 204 of his 218 points came from placement, with the other 14 coming from eliminations. It was a surgical approach for Crumble, who recently appeared on the radar alongside trio teammates Marzz_OW and Nexy.

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Crumble’s Weeping Woods strategy worked well, and he took to Twitter after claiming the $3K USD grand prize with a reflection. “loved this tournament can't wait for the next one,” he said. Crumble outlasted some of Fortnite’s best players, including NRG Clix, who finished outside the money in tenth place. Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) winner TNA Mero took fourth, and French FNCS Champion MCES Andilex finished in 13th. Nick Eh 30 claimed 75th place, despite enduring an alleged stream sniping incident.

  • 1st.  Crumblerr – 218 points – $3,000
  • 2nd.  C9 Fryst – 199 points – $2,000
  • 3rd. 7marSParebow – 198 points – $1,500
  • 4th. TNA Meroǃ – 197 points – $1,200
  • 5th. Prickly Boy – 188 points – $1,000
  • 6th. vyrus – 185 points – $700
  • 7th. DSR Fnajen – 169 points – $400
  • 8th. Walkmantv – 164 points – $200
  • 9th. ТHE UZI – 162 points – $0
  • 10th. NRG СІіх – 157 points – $0
  • 11th. ℛecoil – 147 points – $0
  • 12th. Рrеdator – 140 points – $0
  • 13th. MCES Andilex – 139 points – $0
  • 14th. SEN Animal – 138 points – $0
  • 15th. Vaniity Jaro – 136 points – $0

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200,000 sign-ups and an intriguing format

The Nick Eh 30 Cup received over 270,000 registrants before the tournament went live. That’s an astounding number, which includes players primarily from the NA East, NA West and European regions. Epic’s scoring system worked well for the competition, producing multiple heavily populated end games. Nick took to Twitter with his appreciation for Fortnite, considering the tournament in his name and recently released skin bundle.

“Seeing so many people in the Fortnite community compete, stream, and enjoy the format, is amazing.Fortnite has done so much for me in terms of my career path over the last few years, and for them to recognize me with a tourney/bundle—that’s something I won’t ever forget.” — Nick Eh 30

The newest member of Luminosity Gaming has had quite a run as of late. It’s refreshing to see such a positive response across the board for Nick Eh 30 and his Fortnite tournament. Hopefully, Epic will continue working with creators like Nick Eh 30 in the future to produce more unique competitions.

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