Fortnite: NRG EpikWhale And 100T Rehx Claim NA West Duos DreamHack Open Championship

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Fortnite: NRG EpikWhale And 100T Rehx Claim NA West Duos DreamHack Open Championship

See the full results from NA West’s first-ever DreamHack Duos competition!

DreamHack’s November lineup of Fortnite tournaments completed early this morning with the often-underrated NA West region. After the tournament organizers made the format switch from solos to duos, Fortnite players across the USA and Europe were eager to jump into action. Several outstanding teams formed and showed up to win. Europe’s Wave Vadeal & Noahreyli claimed victory for their respective reaction earlier this month. XSET Gaming’s RogueShark and Knight followed shortly after with the NA East Victory.

NA West’s Grand Final showcased some of the region’s best players. 100T rehx & NRG EpikWhale, 100T Arkhram & XTRA Reet and even European duo Rams Keziix & Grizi Nayte reached the final session among many other teams. Six matches across three hours would ultimately decide the NA West Champion. Only one team could stand alone as the winners of 6.5K USD. It was an outstanding finalè between two of the region’s best teams.

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EpikWhale & rehx go back-to-back-to-back

The 100 Thieves and NRG Esports duo of rehx and EpikWhale put all players on notice with victories in opens, semi-finals and grand finals. This NA West team proved their formidability, with 386 points and an impressive 31 eliminations in the DreamHack Finals. Rehx and EpikWhale did not need a Victory Royale, considering their three second-place finishes over the closing six matches. The Chapter 2 – Season 2 Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) winners were just too much for all other finalists. Rehx and EpikWhale split $6.5K USD for their one-sided victory.

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Arkhram and Reet Finish Close Behind

Another insanely talented NA West tandem — 100T Arkhram and XTRA Reet — gave rehx and EpikWhale a run for their money early in the competition. The two players ultimately finished with 369 points, making them the only other team to eclipse 300 points. Arkhram and Reet managed two Victory Royales back-to-back in matches two and three. Unfortunately, a 19th place game six effort put them too far behind the eventual winners. Arkhram and Reet collected $4K USD in winnings.

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Rest of the Leaderboard

Temple and CLG Jay made it a clean sweep of the top three for NA West, managing 287 points in the Grand Finals. Wavyjacob and favs finished in fourth with 265, Liquid Riversan and TD Dog took fifth with 240 and the NA East duo of OP Acorn and Jahq rounded out the top six with 227. All in all, NAW players brought the heat and defended their region successfully. They will look to do the same when DreamHack returns to duos in December.

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