Guild Esports Enter Competitive Fortnite With European Player Flikk

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Guild Esports Enter Competitive Fortnite With European Player Flikk

London-based Guild Esports adds Flikk as its first Fortnite player.

Guild Esports is one of the newest brands on the competitive gaming scene. Co-owned by football superstar David Beckham, Guild has already established several rosters across different esports titles. Thus far, the London-based organization possesses rosters in Valorant, Rocket League and FIFA. Today, Guild Esports officially entered into competitive Fortnite: Battle Royale with Danish player Nikolaj “Flikk” Andreas Frøsle. This competitor has quite the resumè to back him up.

Flikk's Organization Announcement

Guild produced a video announcement for Flikk's inauguration into the organization. It began with a list of five things you can flick before eventually revealing Denmark's own Flikk as the newest member. The video then launched into a compilation of some of Flikk's best Fortnite plays. He is the first and only member of Guild Esports' Fortnite team. Flikk brings with him an impressive career of results, dating back to March 2019.

Flikk's Track Record

The Danish player has amassed quite a resumè for himself over the past year and a half in competitive Fortnite. After a slow start in Season X and Chapter 2 – Season 1, Flikk improved immensely. He has qualified for two of the last four Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Grand Finals, with finishes of 6th in the FNCS Invitational and 3rd in the most recent Chapter 2 – Season 4 iteration. Flikk's last success came alongside fellow EU powerhouses, Th0masHD and Anas. This trio played consistently well through the FNCS Qualifiers and won two Trio Cash Cups the previous season.

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Flikk's emergence over the past several seasons rightfully put him on the radar of many esports brands. He officially signed with Guild Esports on November 10 and will bring success to the relatively new organization.

Will Guild Add More Fortnite Players?

Fortnite is admittedly one of the more volatile competitive gaming titles. Unfortunately, there is not much organizational support, so these reputable brands are left fending for themselves. Each Fortnite season offers a format change, so organizations can't establish a meaningful team. This difficulty brings up the question of whether Guild will add more players. It wouldn't make much sense to be a one-player roster in Fortnite.

Most Fortnite organizations possess a roster of multiple players. We should expect the same for Guild Esports. Top player and two-time FNCS Champion — TaySon — is one of the market's hottest free agents. I wouldn't be surprised to see Guild approach him with an offer. There is no shortage of talented players available, so expect Guild Esports to expand its roster soon.

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