Footballer Casemiro Enters CS:GO Esports With CaseEsports

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Footballer Casemiro Enters CS:GO Esports With CaseEsports

Real Madrid footballer Casemiro has become the latest footballer to enter esports.

Carlos Henrique Casimiro will enter CS:GO via his new esports organization, CaseEsports. He signed a full Brazilian team as the first roster. The roster consists of Paulo “land1n” Felipe, Denis “dzt” Fisher, Felipe Delboni, Yan “yepz” Pedretti, and Vinicius “⁠n1ssim⁠” Pereira, and will be based in Madrid.

The team will operate in a gaming house in Madrid, with Casimiro looking to establish the side in Spain. The team will likely participate in the upcoming DreamHack Open in December. This will be their first event under the new banner.

CaseEsports also appears to have partnered with a number of sponsors and partners. So far, the team’s website lists Peripherals firm HyperX, BŮH, gaming chair company Drift, and Spanish glasses brand Hawkers

Speaking with HLTV, Casimiro stated:

“This team was created out of a hobby of mine that I really enjoy. I wanted to take it to a professional level, and just like in my career, I want them to be the best. I know that creating a new team and winning titles will take time and require a lot of work, but I hope that the players and the fans will really enjoy this project.”

Traditional sports stars eye esports

Casimiro is just the latest in a recent string of sports stars getting involved in esports. Within football, we’ve seen Man City player Sergio Aguero, and Casimiro’s fellow Real Madrid teammate Gareth Bale (currently at Tottenham). Another notable addition recently came from David Beckham, who invested in Guild Esports.

Outside of football, we’ve seen Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Los Angeles Lakers basketballer Dion Waiters, who invested in Centric Gaming.

We’ve seen mixed success for sports stars moving into esports, with Guild Esports’ recent move into Valorant raising some eyebrows. Though some have questioned Beckham’s involvement in the organization after it was revealed that he had sold his image rights to the team for £20m ($25m).

Casimiro started in CS:GO, which is an interesting first step. To date, most sports stars have tended to move into esports related to their profession.

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Footballer Casemiro Enters CS:GO Esports With CaseEsports
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