How to Get All Free FNCS Major 1 Twitch Drops

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How to Get All Free FNCS Major 1 Twitch Drops

This is how you can get all of the FNCS Major 1 Twitch Drops, and how to get them on other platforms.

This week we’re seeing the very first Major of the 2023 Fortnite Champion Series! It’s the first large-scale esports event after Cash Cups and Solo events so far this season. This is where the best players get back involved, fighting for a slot at the upcoming Major. However, it’s also the chance for you to get some free cosmetics in Fortnite! The FNCS Major 1 Twitch Drops are a great way to pick up some small prizes for getting involved in Fortnite esports.

Epic has announced a good spread of free items for tuning into Twitch drops. While the way to unlock the FNCS Major Twitch drops isn’t the clearest, it does look like we might have to tune in every single week to get all of the possible drops.

The FNCS Major 1 Twitch drops might not be fully free Fortnite skins, but they’re still decent prizes. There’s even a unique back bling that you can grab. You can get your hands on 5 different cosmetics just for clocking up time watching the FNCS. The first Major of the new year is running through until March. However, if you want to get all of them, you’ll need to make an early start. Alongside the free Dragon Ball sprays, there are quite a few free cosmetics that players can grab this season.

These are all of the FNCS Major 1 Drops, and how you can get all of them.

What are the FNCS Major 1 Twitch Drops?

FNCS Major 1 Twitch Drops

The FNCS Major 1 is the first event on the competitive calendar for the Fortnite Champion Series, the premier esports event for the Battle Royale. Epic is already teasing some FNCS Major 1 Twitch drops, which you can get your hands on for tuning in.

Twitch drops are a way for esports fans to get free items in-game just by engaging with Twitch streams. Participating streams will drop rewards at certain intervals, which you can redeem in-game. Epic often has these types of drops for FNCS events. This time we’re getting a full batch of items which are going to be easy to claim.

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FNCS Major Twitch Drops

FNCS Major 1 Twitch Drops

Epic has shown off the items which are going to be available as FNCS Twitch Drops. These will be spread across multiple goals, with the smallest prize awarded quickest and players needing more hours on Twitch to get all of them. These are all of the drops that Epic showed off on Twitter

  • One Spray
  • GG Emoticon
  • FNCS Profile Banner
  • Loading Screen
  • Back Bling of FNCS Logo

These drops are going to be spread across the entire Major 1 tournament, though. That’s running for the next few weeks, every weekend in February going into March. These rewards will likely be spread between the weeks.

While Epic has been a bit vague, it does seem like you’ll need to do this every week. The schedule seems to be to unlock one of the rewards in the first weekend, the next in the one after, and so on. This would mean that you’ll have to tune in all the way through March if you want all the FNCS Major 1 Twitch drops.

How to Claim Twitch Drops from Fortnite

FNCS Major 1 Twitch Drops

Once you’re all connected, you can hop into most major Epic-hosted tournaments to get Twitch drops. Like the Invitational held earlier this year, which had its own set of drops. You claim all of these the same way. This is what you’ll need to do in advance to make sure you’re eligible for all of them.

  • Connect your Twitch and Epic Games Accounts – You can do this in the connection area of your Fortnite settings.
  • Head to an Approved Twitch Drops Channel – These can include wider streams from players. If you’re unsure, though, then the official Fortnite competitive streams are the safest bet, these always have dropped!
  • Claim the Drop – Once you’ve watched the stream for the required number of hours, you’ll see this in your Twitch account. You can then claim the drop!

All that’s left then is to wait for it to pop up on your Fortnite account! Don’t panic if it’s not there instantly; it often isn’t. Usually, they activate once Epic rolls out an update. Most often, this is the first update after the event with Twitch drops is over. However, it can take longer sometimes if Epic is having problems with the patch, so don’t panic!

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Are the Drops Exclusive to Twitch?

FNCS Major 1 Twitch Drops

Between YouTube, the Fortnite website, and even the in-game creative map broadcasts, not everyone uses Twitch to stay up on Fortnite esports. So, are the Twitch drops exclusive to the platform? It does seem like the FNCS Major 1 Twitch can be claimed on all platforms!

The easiest way if you don’t want to connect accounts is to use the Legend’s Landing map in-game, where you’ll get quests to watch the Finals to unlock the FNCS Major 1 drops.

How Long to Watch to Get The FNCS Major 1 Twitch Drops?

FNCS Major 1 Twitch Drops

Epic has shown off the FNCS Major 1 Twitch Drops! However, they haven’t told players how they can get the drops just yet! The number of hours required wasn’t part of the announcement. We’ll keep this page updated once Epic does spill the beans. Tuning in for the official broadcasts of the two days of FNCS Majors is going to get you up there pretty quickly though. Although, we do have some idea of when you might be required to tune in.

Epic hasn’t been too clear on the watch requirements, but Fortnite leak accounts have spelt things out. They’ve said players need to watch for at least half an hour to get the FNCS Major 1 Drops. That’s half an hour for each separate session of the event. That would account for all of the FNCS Major 1 drops, with one prize awarded each week. If you miss a week though, you wouldn’t be able to get all of the items. Make sure you’re keeping an eye out each weekend and grabbing those free cosmetics.

Tuning in for at least the finals will net you some drops, but stopping in every week is going to mean unlocking all of them! Remember to keep an eye out as the FNCS Major 1 draws to its conclusion.

How to Get All Free FNCS Major 1 Twitch Drops
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