FNCS Major 1 Final – Format and Top Duos to Watch

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FNCS Major 1 Final – Format and Top Duos to Watch

FNCS Major 1 Final is nearly starting up, this is what to expect and the big Duos to watch out for.

The final of the FNCS Major 1 Final is nearly upon us! After three weeks of preliminary results, the very best Fortnite players have risen to the top of the pack now. The FNCS Major 1 Final is going to crown a top player for this season. It’s not just about the prize pool for this major though, there’s the chance to attend 2023’s FNCS Invitational too.

While the early rounds are fun, it’s these finals where we really see the game come alive with the highest tier of competitive action. There are already some top Duos to watch and keep an out for over the course of the FNCS Major Final 1. We’ll run through just who each of these top players in each region are. These are focusing on the top regions, but include some of the best players in Chapter 4 so far.

This is how the FNCS Final works, and what you can expect from it. Along with the top players to watch at the tournament.

FNCS Major 1 Final

The FNCS Major 1 began with its weekly tournaments. These have narrowed the pool of competitors in each region from everyone who got high enough in the Fortnite Arena ranking, to just the very best players. Each of them is divided into a few different regions, players are only competing with those from their personal region this time around.

The tournament will be taking place over March 4-5. That’s after a week a last chance Surge Session, where a few more players can earn their slot at the FNCS Major 1 Final. Players are competing for a share of an impressive prize pool but also their spot at the FNCS Global Championship. The new model for FNCS this year means that each of these Majors is just built up. They have a decent prize pool, but it’s the chance to get into the international LAN that’s going to be the bigger prize.

FNCS Major 1 Finals Format

The FNCS Major 1 tournament is going to be played in a similar format to past events. Players are competing in a closed lobby. They’ll play 12 games over two days, 6 games in each session. In each one, they’ll gain points based on placement but also kills. Successive Victory Royales will be the tiebreaker, followed by elims. Each elim is worth 4 points but placing first is worth 65 points. There’s no match point system for this event.

Each finishing spot below first in each match yields 4 fewer points, down to 6th place, which gets 40 then they decrease by 2 down to 25, which only gets 2 points. This format ensures a good mix of conservative play but pushes to rack up elims. In the qualifiers, we saw quite a few teams ride high-kill games all the way to Victory Royales.

FNCS Major 1 Finals Prize Pools

The prize pools for Fortnite Chapter 4 FNCS Major Final are pretty high after this year saw an increase. They’re still weighted slightly between the regions, though, with the biggest regions attracting more money for the prize pool than the others.  This is how it spreads out across the tournaments.

  • EU FNCS Final – $910,000
  • North America East Final – $453,500
  • North America West – $159,500
  • Brazil – $159,500
  • Asia – $159,500
  • Oceania – $79,600
  • Middle East – $79,600
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Alongside the prize, there’s a spot at the upcoming LAN Invitational for each region too. These are distributed roughly in line with how the prize money is.

  • Europe – Top 2 duos
  • North America East – Top placing duo
  • North America West – Top placing duo
  • Brazil – Top placing Duo
  • Asia – Top placing duo
  • Oceania – Top placing duo
  • Middle East – Top placing duo

It’s also worth noting that there’s a new server introduced with the Fortnite Most Wanted update. Since that wasn’t here for qualifiers though it isn’t a factor in this event, that’ll kick in for the next FNCS for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

Top Duos to Watch at the FNCS Major 1 Final

The FNCS Major 1 Final is bringing together all of the best teams. Things change quickly in Fortnite esports, though. As a brand new Chapter with a new loot pool, the best players won’t definitely stay on top. These are some of the top duos to watch out for at the event and why they’re worth keeping an eye on.

Queasy and Veno

FNCS Major 1 Final - Players to Watch

Queasy and Veno were the top-ranking Duo from Europe over the first three weeks, breaking 600 points in the very first week. Queasy and Veno have taken their share of Cash Cups in the last few seasons, along with second at the 2022 Invitational and first at Chapter 3 FNCS events. With this kind of pedigree, it’s easy to see why there are high expectations for them at the tournament.

The duo were with different partners prior to the end of Chapter 3, but both achieved independently great results. Playing with Aqua, Veno was already one of the best teams in the game. Now they’re together, they look even stronger.

Most recently, Queasy’s grabbed some good results at Tfue Tuesday too. While the Duo has mainly moved into playing as pair in Chapter 4, so far, it definitely seems to have paid off. Europe might be the most competitive region for the game in terms of prizes, but they’ve managed to dominate the early rounds.

Setty and Kami

FNCS Major 1 Final - Players to Watch

Coming in just slightly behind Queasy and Veno in EU server is Setty and Kami. The pair finished 2nd across the first two weeks, even managing a staggering 625 points in the third week that nearly pushed them into the number 1 position. Their ability to grind and perfect whatever kit Fortnite is providing hasn’t dimmed in Chapter 4.

Kami and Sett have been placing well throughout 2022 and even prior with loads of great results across Chapter 2. The FNCS Major 1 Final could see them clinch the first big event for Chapter 4 and establish another strong run too.

Eomzo and Rise


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This Canadian Duo snuck into the top spot for the North America East side of the tournament. These managed a 625 week in the final round, leaving them on a huge 1730 points overall.  These two aren’t quite the household names of others further down this list yet, but if recent results are anything to go by they’re going to be the end of the year.

Eomzo and Rise took 1st place at the recent Tfue Tuesdays. They’ve also taken some Elite Cups with 1st finishes. These recent results are a step up from their Chapter 2 and 3 rankings, where they grew but failed to crack the top three slots with other teams.

Eomzo and Rise are two players on the upswing in this Chapter. It’s taken Chapter 4 Season 1 to really catapult them from high-placing to regularly winning events. They’re in a strong position for victory at the FNCS Major 1 Final. They’re in a competitive region. The first two weeks pointed towards a return to the top flight for Bugha along with Peterbot, but their last week went quite a bit worse and newer players like Eomzo and Rise are finishing higher in the rankings than the established names.

Thor and Bolts

Thor and Bolts results across the FNCS Major Final qualifiers have built every single week. They finished with 545 points in Week 1 behind more established Duos like Reet and EpikWhale. Then in Week 2, they claimed 595 points, beginning to close the gap before Week 3 saw them finish on 625 points. Cumulatively it put them in the top position for the FNCS Major Final.

This building week on week shows a strong performance so far. The duo only just beat out 2nd place Vanilla and Convic by 5 points. We could be in for one of the closer regions with this competition. However, they’ve demonstrated clear growth across Chapter 4 so far, and it looks like it could be their Season in the finals too.

Thor and Bolts are on the newer side of players to a certain extent. Boltz has been active since 2021, but Thor only started up in 2022. Since then, they’ve risen up to start winning Elite Cups and even some decent finishes at Solo events. Their growth marks them as a duo to watch at the tournament.

Other Regions in FNCS Major 1 Final

Those are three of the major Duos from the biggest regions to keep an eye out for at the FNCS Major 1 Final. However, there are four more regions and obviously loads of fantastic other teams even in the regions we’ve discussed. There are too many good players to mention, but you can catch all of the action at the FNCS Major 1 Final to see who wins the tournament itself.

If you want to find out who claims victory, there are loads of ways to tune into the event itself. You’ll even net yourself some FNCS Chapter 4 drops for free cosmetics just for joining in on the action. You can find the event at the Legends Landing in-game creative map to watch in-game with other fans. You can also watch on Twitch, YouTube, and even the Epic website through their official channels.

FNCS Major 1 Final – Format and Top Duos to Watch
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