Fortnite Arena Points System and Rewards Explained

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Fortnite Arena Points System and Rewards Explained

Fortnite arena points system has been through some changes, this is how it works and how to get the rewards for ranked mode.

One of the most innovative things about Fortnite is how much it has democratized its esports. Everyone can jump into the Arena mode and compete through in-game competitions, with millions in prize money at stake. How do you enter these, though? The Fortnite Ariana Points system is what stands between any player and competing with the top Fortnite Duos.

Fortnite Arena points or Hype are the way that players are ranked. This is the currency for competitive. You need to earn more to climb up the leaderboard. Although, the Fortnite Arena points system had some changes starting in Season 7.

The Fortnite competitive mode lets players compete against players at their skill level. However, there’s more to it now. You can now get specific cosmetic rewards for Fortnite Arena points. You can get those rare actually free Fortnite cosmetics just by racking up more Fortnite arena points.

To compete in most real money tournaments, you have to climb up to at least Champions League. The arena points system can be a little complicated, though. There are different rules for different tiers. This is how it all works and what you need to know:

Fortnite Arena Points System

Fortnite Arena Mode Points System

The Fortnite arena system uses Hype as a score or currency. Hype is the Fortnite arena points. Players can play games specifically in the Arena playlists. They’re then awarded points or Hype based on how they perform across a few key metrics, mainly placements and how many eliminations you’ve gotten. You need both to rise up.

The further up the ranks you rise, the bigger the risk, though. You can also lose hype. That’s through bus fare, a toll for jumping into competitive matches in some ranks.

What is the Arena Mode Points System?

The Fortnite Arena points system applies only to the competitive game mode. This mode features a different balance of loot, sometimes it’s missing major parts of the loot pool like having no cars for a random Chapter 3 season. There are also extra mechanics.

Siphon and Storm Surge is in effect here while they aren’t a part of the main pubs games. These two mechanics make the game more intense, they push players into taking more fights rather than trying to rank through placement alone. Siphon awards health for each kill. Storm Surge penalizes teams without kills if too many players survive.

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Arena Mode is divided into a few different Leagues each consisting of divisions. As players gain more Hype, they’ll move up. You need to collect more of the Arena mode points to get the higher tier rewards, it’s all part of the new Fortnite Arena points system from Season.

Fortnite Arena Points System – Scoring and How to Get Hype

Fortnite Arena Mode Points System

The breakdown for Arena points in Fortnite has changed from time to time. The Arena point system for Season 7 redid some things, and it’s had more changes moving through Chapters 2 and 3. Currently, there’s a heavy weighting towards elims. However, high consistent placement is definitely another good way to rack up points.

This is how the points break down for the Fortnite Arena Mode Points System:

  • Victory Royale – 50
  • Top 2 – 25
  • Top 3 – 10
  • Top 4 – 10
  • Top 5 – 20
  • Top 10 – 10
  • Top 20 – 15
  • Top 25 – 15
  • Top 30 – 10
  • Top 40 – 10
  • Top 50 – 10
  • Each Elim – 15 (Open League), 10 (Contender), 5 (Champion)

That’s how all the points break up. While placement awards plenty of points, you need to grab kills too if you really want to rise up the ranks.

Fortnite Arena Point Systems Divisions


Your rank in Fortnite is divided up into a few different divisions and leagues. Each of these marks out your skill in the game. You’ll only be competing with those in the same League as you, unless matchmaking hits a real snag, then some close divisions may be included. These are all the divisions:

  • Open League
    • 1st Division –0-300 Hype
    • 2nd Division – 400 – 799 Hype
    • 3rd Division – 800-1,199
    • 4th Division – 1,200-1,999
  • Contender League
    • Division 5 – 2,000-2,999
    • Division 6 – 3,000-4,999
    • Division 7 – 5,000 – 7,499
  • Champion
    • Division 8 – 7,500 – 9,999
    • Division 9 – 10,000 – 14,999
    • Division 10 – 15,000+

Once you hit Champions, there’s nowhere else to go! You’ve hit the absolute pinnacle of the game. From that point on, tournaments are the main way that you can test your skill.

You can move up in divisions by gaining more Fortnite Arena points. However, you can’t go down. You can lose hype but your rank won’t technically drop, it just makes it harder to climb any further in the game. That’s why a lot of players get unmotivated. Once they hit the higher ranks, there isn’t much need to keep grinding.

Bus Fare

Bus Fare is Epic’s way of keeping the Divisions for Fortnite a bit fairer. This means you can’t just grind your way up gradually. You can’t brute force game after game. With Bus Fare, you’re paying a fee to even enter into the game. You’ll have to part with some of your Hype as entry, then try to earn more than that by getting through the game successfully. This is how the Bus Fare works out for each League.

  • Division 1-3 – 0
  • Division 4 – 10
  • Division 5 – 20
  • Division 6 – 30
  • Division 70 – 50
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From here, divisions increase bus fare by another 10 for each tier. You’re going to be paying the fee as soon as you get on the bus. You can back out on Spawn Island. Once you’re moving though, you can’t leave the game without sacrificing your Arena points.

No Builds Arena Mode Points System

Fortnite Arena Mode Points System

Fortnite is currently testing out No Builds Arena Mode. This is an entirely separate playlist. This will work largely the same as the normal Fortnite Arena Mode points system, but with No Builds.

It’ll have the same distribution of hype and Leagues. However, No Builds exclusive features like the overshield will be active here. That’s along with the No Builds loot pool that often is a bit livelier than the creative one. It has the same new Fortnite Arena points system as the standard build of the game, even if it’s different from the standard Arena.

Fortnite Arena Mode Points Rewards

The Fortnite Arena Mode points help you get higher up in the rankings. However, you can also earn rewards. There are a few different ways points can translate into rewards. Epic offers cosmetics for specific modes like No Builds sometimes. However, they now offer seasonal rewards for every player who engages with the Fortnite Arena mode points system.

Wraps for Fortnite Arena Mode

Players who reach the Contender League Division 1 will get an exclusive wrap. Which depends on where you finish. Each different division has its own wrap. This will allow you to show off where you reached each season by going through Arena. This is similar to the Victory Royale umbrella you get every season, but it takes more than one match.

Where you end up in each season will decide what rewards you get. You’ll need to grind your way up the whole leaderboard if you want to win the most valuable rewards possible.

The new Fortnite Arena points system now gives you free wraps. This is one of a few ways to get free Fortnite cosmetics. Outside of occasional events like the Fortnite Rocket League cosmetics, this is a nice free treat from Epic!

Fortnite Arena Points System and Rewards Explained
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