Top Duos to Watch at FNCS C3 S3 Finals

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Top Duos to Watch at FNCS C3 S3 Finals

The latest Fortnite Champion Series is coming towards its dramatic finale. There’s not long till we find out which are the top duos of FNCS C3 S3. This season has been a bit different for competitive, though.

It started with the continuation of the spray meta. However, that’s changed with more recent updates. Shotguns are back in a back way. SMGs no longer dominate all high slots in the C3 S3 tier list. This will make for a more traditional FNVCS compared to recent iterations.

There are some Duos that are heading into the event with all eyes on them. Between recent performances and past FNCS, these players are the biggest contenders for victory. This is how the FNCS C3 S3 final is going to work, and which teams to watch.

FNCS C3 S3 Finals

The Fortnite Champion Series is the premier event in every season of Fortnite. This tournament has Duos duke it out week after week to try to secure their spot in the final lobby. The finals are a series of 12 matches with multiple ways to win. The top teams walk away with a share of the $3 million prize pool and the bragging rights for winning this season in their region.

The FNCS CS S3 Finals are going to be taking place August 13-14. All the teams that have qualified so far will drop into 12 games and try to come out to the top. The winner will either be the team that wins a Victory Royale after securing the match point or score the highest over kills and placement.

Fortnite is divided into quite a few regions, so the teams to watch aren’t just a few duos with a chance at winning. We’ll focus on the busier regions with the bigger prize pools, though. However, there is great talent in all regions of the game.

Top Duos to Watch at FNCS C3 S3 Finals

The FNCS C3 S3 Finals are going to be kicking off over the middle of August. However, we already know quite a few teams that will be part of these final matches. The best teams have already secured their spots to compete for this season’s crown. These are the top teams to watch heading into the finals.

TaySon and Chapix

FNCS Chapter 3 Season 3 Finals Duos to Watch

TaySon and Chapix are a clear pick for the top Duos to watch after their performance in the earlier round. They managed to top up the first qualifier’s leaderboard, easily getting into the Final early on. They had a remarkably consistent performance over that qualifier.

This Duo has been playing together for a little while. In last season’s FNCS, they secured second place at the Grand Final. It was a near miss, but they could be correcting that this time.

Mero and Bugha

Fortnite players Bugha and Mero with the FNCS champion's axe between them

Mero and Buigha are complete powerhouses in the FNCS. These players have won the Chapter 3 Season 1 final, S2 C8, and took first place at the Grand Royale that capped off last season’s competitive events. They looked primed for a comeback with a return to a more classic balance in the game.

It’s been a season since Mero and Bugha won but they still got third in Season 2’s Grand Finals. Between all of their past results and clear continued dominance, they’re one of the top duos to watch at the FNCS C3 S3.

Cold and Cented

FNCS Chapter 3 Season 3 Finals Duos to Watch

Cold and Cented are two players that deserve a close eye in the finals. They’ve performed strongly in the qualifiers. The duo placed well in their region’s first round. Cole and Cented have more pedigree than just the qualifier, though.

This duo got second place in the last FNCS Grand Final. They’ve also had decent cash cups in Chapter 3. While the game has changed since last season, their play style works well across most seasons.

Vortex and Hycr1s

Vortex and Hycr1s have broken through in recent weeks. This duo performed very well over the course of the qualifiers but ended up having to get in through later rounds. Hycr1s has pulled off some decent wins in the past like the Fortnite Champion All Star Series. Ortex had plenty of success with his past Duo’s partner JannisZ. They previously took decent finished in Season 2 and earlier.

Vortex and Hyc1s are a newer duo to get paired up, but they look primed to make a leap forward in their results.

EpikWhale and Reet

FNCS Chapter 3 Season 3 Finals Duos to Watch

EpikWhale is one of the best Fortnite players out there. He’s been clocking up big wins for the entire Fortnite esports run time. He most recently took the top spot at the Gamers8 LAN. Although, he won’t be paired with that new duo's partner this time around, though.

He’s won plenty of events outside that team, though. This includes coming in 3rd back at the Fortnite World Cup. Partnered up with Reet, they’ve had some 2nd place finishes at qualifiers and won a recent cash cup.

EpikWhale is one of the most prominent players in the game as a whole. With Reet, he looks ready to rise back to the top for the new season. They’ve set themselves apart as players to watch at the FNCS C3 S3.

Favs and Snakcky


Favs and Snacky aren’t total newcomers to FNCS, but they exploded last season. The team grabbed the top spot at Season 2’s FNCS after just getting their place in time for the semi-finals. They’ve shown they’re keeping up with changes this season, too. Favs and Snacky could repeat another win at this FNCS too.

Top Duos to Watch at FNCS C3 S3 Finals
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