Fortnite V23.40 Patch Notes – Huge Most Wanted Update

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Fortnite V23.40 Patch Notes – Huge Most Wanted Update

The Fortnite V23.40 patch notes are here! This is everything that’s changed with the Most Wanted update.

Fortnite V23.40 Patch has hit the game after a little bit of downtime. Coming so soon after the Dragon Ball update, Geralt unlocking, and some big weeks in general, it’s kind of surprising. This is a huge update. It’s basically a new game mode that’s taking over the game for two weeks in February.

The Fortnite V23.40 patch is all about the new Most Wanted features. These are a unique addition to the game that’s only going to be around for another two weeks. Players have a limited time to jump in and try everything that’s new. That’s not easy either, as there are loads that are brand new

These are all of the changes, including how the Most Wanted game works, along with all other updates in the Fortnite V23.40 patch.

Fortnite V23.40 Patch Notes

Most Wanted – Fortnite V23.40 Patch notes FortniteV2340mostWanted

The Most sizeable chunk of the recent patch notes is Fortnite Most Wanted. This is a feature that’s been rumored in Fortnite leaks for a while, but what Epic’s delivered has been on another level. Previously we’ve seen teases like a wanted poster that made players think bounties might be expanded. Instead, we’ve got a full-fledged weeks-long event with brand-new mechanics and loads of new items.

This is a huge new event and a fresh way to play Battle Royale and Zero Build for the next few weeks. It’s themed around heists, bringing new weapons, vaults, NPCs, and wanted levels into the game.

Most Wanted as an event is going to be running through till February 28. We’ve got two weeks to get through this content, although a little longer to get all of the new free cosmetics added in. There’s quite a bit for players to check out too. Starting with the Cold Blooded Vaults.

Cold Blooded Vaults

Cold Blooded Vaults are new loot locations that are going to be popping up all over the map. They’re guarded by Cold Blooded members, but take them down and you’re going to set yourself up with an impressive unique weapon.

To get access to the Cold Blooded vaults, you’ll have to take down a boss. These aren’t the full characters of other wandering Bosses and Fortnite NPCs on the map. However, they’re considerably tougher than your standard NPC fight! Players will have to defeat Bosses to get a Cold Blooded Vault Keycard. This will allow them access to the vault, provided they can take out the enemies guarding the spot.

Once you finally manage to open it up, you’ll receive Fortnite Chapter 4 exotic weapons. There are quite a few new ones coming for this part of the season though.

New Exotics in Fortnite v23.40 Patch Notes

The new update isn’t just giving you the standard Chapter 4 Exotics like the Bows for taking down a boss. There are new and more OP weapons available as the prize. These are the new Exotics added in.

Heisted Breacher Shotgun

Fortntie V23.40 Patch Notes

The Heisted Breacher Shotgun is a new type of explosive shotgun. It’s specifically designed for taking out walls and cover. This is going to be powerful in builds, but also in Zero Build where players have gotten used to cover providing plenty of protection. While that’s one of its strengths, you can use it in normal fights too.

Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle

Fortntie V23.40 Patch Notes

This new AR is a fusion of a few different things Epic has done with Rifles in the past. The gun’s body is very similar to the Red Dot AR. That’s consistently one of the best weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4. However, it has the added bonus of firing explosive projectiles. Kind of like the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun and Boom Sniper. Once you fire, your target will explode in fire.

Heisted Accelerant Shotgun

Fortntie V23.40 Patch Notes

Another new Shotgun joining the ranks of exotic weapons in Fortnite V23.40, this has a great mechanic for players who love to push. As you deal damage, the movement speed and fire rate of the gun will increase.

If you’re caught in a protracted firefight, this shotgun is only going to make you more lethal with every shot you manage to land. This is a particularly exciting addition with Fortnite V23.40, surely there are going to be some great Solo Squads games coming from this weapon.

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Heisted Run N Gun

Fortntie V23.40 Patch Notes

SMGs have been a bit neglected this season after they dominated Chapter 4, but that might be changing with this weapon. This gun will apply the Slap unlimited stamina effect to you. It’ll also self-reload while you’re sprinting.

These two benefits can make players wielding it moored difficult to take down than ever. Make good use of the Sprints and this could be a game changer. Especially when combined with some perks from the heat level introduced in the Fortnite V23.40 patch notes.

Heisted Blink Mag SMG

Fortntie V23.40 Patch Notes

This is another SMG that gives a status effect. This time you’ll get the Zero Point dash effect after you reload. If you’re smart with ammo, this can be a fantastic rotation tool. The Zero Point effect has really felt like a strong addition with recent Fortnite augments. This new weapon lets you get the effect as much as you want.

Returning Exotics in Fortnite V23.40

Fortntie V23.40 Patch Notes

The new update isn’t just bringing in brand-new Exotics. It’s restoring some missed favorites to the game after an absence in Chapter 4. These are the guns that are making a comeback with Most Wanted:

  • Hand Cannon
  • Dual Pistols
  • Heavy Sniper
  • Hop Rock Dualies
  • Suppressed Pistol
  • Boom Sniper

Vaulted in Fortnite V23.40 Patch notes

That’s plenty of new and returning items to the game. With that, though, the loot pool might be looking a bit too full. Epic has made some changes to the game’s balance to make room. There are a few things being taken out.

All bows are going away for two weeks. These won’t be accessible during Fortnite Most Wanted. That includes the related Reality Augments too. On top of that, Epic is removing Motorboats for some reason. This is the second patch that has strangely taken boats out of the game to make room for completely unrelated weaponry. It’s possible that a full removal of Motorboats might come at some point in the future.

Wanted Levels in Fortnite V23.40

Fortnite Most Wanted is going to feature some brand-new game mechanics alongside the weapons. Players will have a “heat” level in-game. It’s essentially the same as the Wanted level you get in GTA or similar games. Although, in a Battle Royale, it affects how you interact with every other player in the lobby.

A heat level is going to be given to every player in the game. It’ll range from zero up to four levels of flame. You’ll rise in Heat Level by eliminating opponents and opening vaults. Even if you don’t engage with the new Exotics, putting the Heat Level on kills is probably going to make it relevant to everyone in-game.

As your Heat Level grows, it’s harder to go unnoticed. You’re going to face more hostility from NPCs, and you’ll be visible to other players on the minimap and more visible in the general game. This is going to seriously damper any attempts at flying under the radar. As your level grows, you’ll have to defend yourself from attackers who will likely raise your level more.

While the level will make the game harder in some ways, it has perks. This is the benefit you get from each level of the Heat level.

  • 1 – Get more bars from eliminated opponents
  • 2 – Movement speed increased by 15% and regenerate 100 health when not in combat
  • 3 – Movement speed increased by 20% and regenerate 100 health and 50 shield outside of combat
  • 4 – Movement speed buffed by 25%, regenerate 100 health and 100 shield while not in combat.

These benefits are definitely going to make you deadlier at a higher heat level. These have the potential to completely upend how Battle Royale plays through the Fortnite V23.40 patch! If it's popular, we could even see mechanics stick around in LTMs.

New Augments in Fortnite V23.40

Fortntie V23.40 Patch Notes

Since Chapter 4 launched, most new updates have been gradually increasing the size of the Augment pool. These perks have become a key part of your Battle Royale strategy. These are the new choices in this update.

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Exotic Grab Bag

With this one, randomly receive a Heisted Exotic Weapon. This perk is only going to be here until Most Wanted ends though. After it's finished, this won’t stick around.

Sniper Surplus

Snipers have 1 extra ammo in their magazine. This is also only here until Most Wanted ends. Anyone excited that this spelt the return of real Snipers to the game permanently is in for a disappointment.


Grants two keys for opening holo-Chests, each contains a Heisted Exotic weapon. This one is sticking around after the event ends. It’s likely this will turn into two general lockbox keys after this, with their normal high-level loot inside instead of the exotic weapons.

Last Shots

Last two bullets from a pistol deal bonus damage. Another perk aimed at enhancing Fortnite’s pistol, which you could basically build an entire Augment loadout around at this point. This one is also entering the general pool.

Crime Pays Challenges and Cosmetics in Fortnite V23.40 Patch

Fortntie V23.40 Patch Notes

There is loads of new content to play through in the Fortnite V23.40 Patch Notes, but also some new cosmetics. A new section is joining the Battle Pass tab, the Most Wanted quests. This is a free addition! One of those free Fortnite skins you can grab just for finishing off in-game objectives.

You have a few quests to work through to progress up this separate page of the Battle Pass. Each tier has a fun reward though. There are weapon wraps, sprays, emotes, and even an actual skin on offer here. The quests are broken down into 5 sets. You’ll have to get through them quickly to get all of the rewards that you can though.

By completing all five Cold Blooded medallions or five sets of quests, you’ll net yourself a free Solid Skull Back Bling too. These quests aren’t leaving with the rest of the Cold Blooded update though. They’re actually sticking around until the end of the season! This will give you a bit more time to play through them all.

Other Changes in Fortnite V23.40

Fortntie V23.40 Patch Notes

That’s Fortnite Most Wanted, which is kind of huge for a random late-season content drop a week after the Fortnite Geralt quests unlocked. However, it’s not all that’s being introduced with the Fortnite V23.40 Patch. We’ve got some decent changes to the rest of the game and some big changes to Fortnite esports for some players. These are the other alterations.

NA-Central Server

A new server is launching! North America Central will be a new game server that should help people in Mexico and Central US get a better performance and connection out of their game.

Hardware Identifiers Update

Epic is beefing up its anti-cheat software. Players who use tools to hide “hardware” used in-game will get a warning, then be removed from the game, and eventually permanently banned. New anti-cheat measures are always a plus.

Competitive Changes in Fortnite V23.40 Patch Notes

We’re halfway through the first major the FNCS for 2023. Epic isn’t upending the entire game with the Most Wanted update here though. They’ve made some specific decisions about what will and won’t be included.

  • The Most Wanted Fortnite V23.40 new weapons, unvaulted weapons, and heat mechanics are not in competitive.
  • Exotic grab bag and sniper surplus reality augments are not in competitive.

It looks like the other two new Augments will be making their way to the competitive side of the game though. Since these are sticking around permanently, pro players can start getting used to how the new perks will affect their games straight away.

Along with some bug fixes, that’s everything that’s new in the Fortnite V23.40 patch notes. This is a huge update coming at the tail end of the season. If you’ve not yet finished off the School of Llama quests then you’ve got a lot on your plate for the coming weeks! Make sure to keep an eye out for more patches and updates as everyone rushes to play the new Most Wanted content!