FFXIV Fishing Guide – Ocean Fishing, Fishing Log and More

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FFXIV Fishing Guide – Ocean Fishing, Fishing Log and More

Here is our FFXIV Fishing Guide. Everything you need to know to master the FSH.

So you've finally decided to hang up your adventuring boots and venture into the exciting world of fishing. Welcome to the elite, the true masters of Final Fantasy XIV. Here we'll teach you everything you need to know about fishing, how to level fast, and what tasks you should go after.

FFXIV Fishing Guide

The FSH job/class is unique to other gathering professions, it doesn't follow the same rules and levels in very different ways. If you want to learn more about the other gatherers, we suggest you check out our guide here.


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You can unlock the Fisher class in Limsa Lominsa's Lower Decks by heading to the Fisherman's Guild near the mini aetheryte of the same name. Here you talk to the Guild Receptionist N'nmulika, accept the quest and you'll unlock the class and your first set of gear.

Please do keep up with the class quests though as they unlock new ways to fish and new abilities which are essential to your progression.


Leveling your Fisher is a bit different, and more relaxing experience than other classes or jobs. You simply pick the best bait you can buy, sit at the highest level fishing hole you can sit at, and fish up a storm. Yes, you could be taking on Levequests but you're gonna shoot by these levels so fast it's barely worth picking up.

The best way to level Fisher is to join the Ocean Fishing expeditions. Those let you fish nonstop for 20-30 minutes, help you level up quickly and the rewards are pretty nifty.

Bait and You

The bait system in FFXIV looks pretty complicated but it isn't. Most bait is simply a level requirement for certain types of fishing holes and different types of bait work on different fish.

This system will only get a little more complex once you try to complete your fishing log. Here you'll need specific baits to fish up the right fish that you can then use as bait to fish up other fish and so on, but for that this best to just look up a guide.


Spearfishing is a minigame you can unlock once you reach the content of the Stormblood expansion. It exists in its own world but can net you special fish and materials for crafting. The minigame is a simple timing test and is not affected by any outside factors like gear.

Ocean Fishing

Image: Square Enix

Ocean Fishing is a special raid that players can undertake every 2 hours by heading to the docks in the Lower Decks of Limsa Lominsa. Here players have to catch as many fish as possible before the timer for each section runs out.

If players catch enough rainbow-themed fish they can trigger a spectral current that speeds up the bites of fish and temporarily allows players to fish for special fish. At the start of each section, players tend to call out what bait is needed for those rainbow-themed fish so pay attention to the chat.

Fishing Log

The Fishing Log is for many the real endgame of Final Fantasy XIV. The mark of a true Warrior of Light is a completed Fishing Log, especially with those pesky ARR and HW fishes. Completing the Log is fairly simple, just catch all the fish in the game.

It sounds easy at first but this requires players to go after fish that only appear under certain weather conditions and a specific time of day. Happy hunting.

And that is our quick rundown of everything you need to know about Fishing in Final Fantasy XIV. For more on the critically acclaimed MMORPG check out our choices for the best mounts and our recap of the London Fan Fest.

FFXIV Fishing Guide – Ocean Fishing, Fishing Log and More
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