The Best FFXIV Mounts

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The Best FFXIV Mounts

Looking for the Best FFXIV Mounts? We have our favorites listed right here. Happy hunting.

The mount is a pillar of any MMORPG. We use them to flex our achievements casually, to express our pride and our fondness of them, or because it is a very funny one.

FFXIV Mount culture isn't that different either. And while you only get to show yours off while playing Frontlines, casually gathering materials and treasure hunts or regular hunts they are integral to your imaginary internet cool points (IICP).

Arguably, the best FFXIV Mounts

But instead of listing all the greedy ones (there will be some, don't worry) we'll list some of the coolest, funniest, and arguably best mounts in FFXIV. We'll even tell you how to get them.

Regalia Type-G

Screenshot 2023 12 01 062607
Image: Square Enix  

There are not many mounts as useful and equally cool as the Regalia. It was at its debut the first and only mount to seat up to 4 players. There are mounts that can seat up to 8 players, but they aren't cars you drive around at slow speeds and take cool GPose screenshots with.

As of writing, the mount is no longer available to unlock. It's part of the temporary Final Fantasy XV event which usually becomes available for a couple of months at the end of an expansion patch cycle.

To unlock it, you have to complete the FFXV event quest chain. Afterwards, you can buy this mount at the Gold Saucer for a whopping 200.000 MGP.

Rolling Tankard

Screenshot 2023 12 01 062533
Image: Square Enix

Just look at it, it's a tank but small and kinda cute and it shoots lasers. And when you ride around in it at breakneck speeds, your Warrior of Light will even salute. And it got a jetpack. There is really nothing else to add to this. It's perfect in every way and I refuse anyone else's opinion on the matter.

This mount is unlocked by completing the Dwarf Tribes Quest which has you help the Dwarfs of Norvrandt to build weapons and other means to fight off Sineaters. Honestly, the quest alone is worth completing this questline but the mount is also pretty neat. Lali-Ho.

Magitek Death Claw

Screenshot 2023 12 01 062637
Image: Square Enix

A very basic mount I know but hear me out. This mount makes your Warrior of Light look like a naughty cat who just got caught attacking plants or robbing the pantry. You get bonus points when using it frequently as a Miqo'te or Hrothgar.

Getting it is fairly easy, earning achievements will earn you special tokens, and by the time you wrap up A Realm Reborn, you can go on over to Jonathas in Old Gridania and pick up the Magitek Death Claw Identification Key for 6 Achievement Certificate Tokens.

Hippo Cart

Screenshot 2023 12 01 062702
Image: Square Enix

Did you know that there are Arkasodara (the cool elephant people from Thavnair) who form illegal Hippo Cart Gangs who street race against each other and cause all sorts of trouble? No? Then you should get this mount. Nothing is as terrifying as seeing a hippo charging at you in Frontlines while its owner throws colorful powder bombs around.

The Hippo Cart Mount can be earned by completing the Arkasodara Tribal Questline from Endwalker. For this, you only need to complete the Endwalker 6.0 and that questline in Thavnair involving the Xaela girl overcoming her fear of the Arkasodara. Then you complete the tribal questline which can take a few days, but after you're done it's yours.

Garlond GL-II

Screenshot 2023 12 01 062542
Image: Square Enix

The Garlond GL-II is just an all-around great mount. A motorcycle that looks just a little like a Triumph motorcycle, like the one Big Boss rides at the end of Metal Gear Solid V. Only that there are no war crimes required for this one.

Getting the Garlond GL-II is also pretty easy, you only have to rank up your Island Sanctuary up to Rank 10 and then buy it off the store for 24.000 Seafarer's Cowries.


Screenshot 2023 12 01 063619
Image: Square Enix

So imagine a shark. Now imagine a shark that can fly. And we're already done. The Hybodus is both a flex and a cool mount to ride around on when going after your daily activities in FFXIV (which I hope includes fishing).

To get this beautiful mount, you only need to participate in the Ocean Fishing mode which you can enter from Limsa Lominsa. Then you need to embark on the Indigo Route and fish up fish worth 10.000 points or more and you'll unlock the mount from the achievement.


Screenshot 2023 12 01 062525
Image: Square Enix

We love those birds, especially if they remind us of the birds owned by dear friends. The Amaro is a staple of Norvrandt transportation services and are the more cooler version of the Chocobo. Getting them is a bit of a task though.

To unlock the Amaro mount you simply need to level all combat jobs to level 80. Doing that will unlock the Soul of War and Soul Magic titles as well as the Life of Adventure IV achievement which unlocks the Amaro mount.

Fatter Cat

Screenshot 2023 12 01 062516
Image: Square Enix

Last but not least, the best mount ever put in any game ever. The one and only Fatter Cat. An evolution of the popular Fat Cat minon which some suspect to be the corporeal vessel of a voidsent or just something else unholy. But it makes a loud “Meow” sound whenever you mount up and mount down which makes it the best mount by default.

Unlocking it is quite tricky though. It requires dark arts no FFXIV player has dared to master yet. Swiping your credit card. The Fatter Cat mount is an account-wide mount that can be bought off the game's cash shop for 24.00$. A low price to pay for such a glorious steed.

Your Chocobo

Screenshot 2023 12 01 062626
Image: Square Enix

The Company-Issued Chocobo is one of the best mounts in the entire game. It takes a special kind of bird that can not only deliver you quickly to wherever you need to go but also fight for you whenever you're in a pickle. It's also highly customizable and lets you dress it up and color it however you want.

Unlocking the Chocobo is more or less required while you progress through the game. Simply do a few tasks for your Grand Company and you can purchase a license from the Grand Company supplier.

And those are our favorite mounts in Final Fantasy XIV. Are we missing some? Probably because we don't own them. But remember, everyone can ride their fun little Savage and Extreme mounts. They are cool. But they aren't Fatter Cat cool.

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The Best FFXIV Mounts
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