FFXIV Fan Fest London 2023 Summary

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FFXIV Fan Fest London 2023 Summary

Here is a detailed summary of the FFXIV Fan Fest London Keynote 2023.

The FFXIV Fan Fest in London is finally here, and with it comes new and exciting news all around the Critically Acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV and its upcoming Dawntrail expansion.

The keynote address given at the start of the event by director and producer Naoki Yoshida gave us more details and updates on what Warriors of Light can expect with the new expansion expected to launch in the summer of 2024.

This article will be updated throughout the keynote, so refresh or catch the stream live here.

FFXIV Fan Fest London 2023 Summery

FFXIV Fan Fest London Keynote Summary

The Keynote started out with an extended version of the reveal trailer of Dawntrail, there are some new bits, sound effects, and the reveal of the new job that Yoshida cosplayed on stage. The new job is the promised physical DPS called Viper. Dual-wielding swords which they can then combine into a glaive for extra damage.

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New Job Viper

The DPS will be in the same category as the already existing Ninja and use Scouting gear. The job will be available at the launch of Dawntrail as long as you have reached level 80 on any job, you can pick up the job in Ul'dah.

The job promises to be just as fast as the Ninja, which means you'll have to play around the 1.5-second GDC and lots and lots of weaving while dealing with the alternating modes between the swift dual blades and the high damage-dealing glaive.

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The new adventure is under the theme of “A Journey of Discovery”. It revolves around a contest of succession that will decide the future of Tural, the continent players know as the new world. Yoshida promises that this will be the intro to a tale even grander than the Hydaelyn vs Zodiark saga.

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New Zones

One of the new zones is Kozama'uka a tropical region in the south of Tuliyollal. Comprised of several levels of elevations which have a myriad of rivers and waterfalls running through them. Here you'll also find a few hamlets scattered around with quests and places to rest throughout your journey.

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The next zone is called Shaaloani in the rain-starved center of Tuliyollal. Recently people have discovered Ceruleum deposits in the area which led to people migrating to the area to get rich. And it looks like that leads to a conflict between the settlers and the natives of the region. It seems to be heavily inspired by the wild west of Yor.

New Tribes

We'll also meet a new tribe of beast-man, the moblins. Distant relatives of the goblins we've already met and have been a part of XIV's story since its inception. They seem to have a lot in common with their Eorzean relatives, including their talent for crafting and gathering.

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New Battle Content

Here you can expect the usual increased level caps, new dungeons, fates, hunts, and quests with the popular level-synch feature. New dungeons include and are not limited to a jungle cruise, the climb up a gigantic mountain, and the exploration of what seems to be an underground lab.

There'll be a continuation of the Variant Dungeons, new 8-player raids, new ultimate, and the new Alliance Raid called Echo's of Vana'diel which is themed after the other critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XI.

There'll also be a new limited job coming during the 7.x patch cycle.

New Lifestyle Content

While it hasn't been shown off yet, the new Lifestyle content will be similar to the Ishgard Restoration and the Island Sanctuary while being playable with multiple people.

For more on FFXIV and the Dawntrail expansion check out our summary of the previous Keynote from the Las Vegas Fan Fest here and for even more on the Critically Acclaimed MMORPG visit our dedicated section here.

FFXIV Fan Fest London 2023 Summary
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