Our Top 10 FFXIV Dungeons

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Our Top 10 FFXIV Dungeons

Here are our unbiased picks for the top 10 FFXIV Dungeons. No shade here just some fun dungeons.

The dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV is a core part of the experience. But it's no secret that they're also pretty samey. Be it the same 5 packs before the next boss structure of the bosses themselves that make for poor sport after the first 3 runs.

That doesn't mean there aren't a few gems though. This is why we have listed our top 10 Dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV. There is no particular reason why we picked them, some just look cool and others have fun encounters.

The Top 10 FFXIV Dungeons

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10. Brayflox's Longstop

Why not start with a A Realm Reborn Classic? Part of the infamous quest for cheese that comes before our first encounter with Titan, many players are already on their last leg by the time they get here. They are greeted by a beautiful lush forest and all sorts of critters. It is also one of the few dungeons that hasn't changed significantly in its rework.

Its boss fights are really nothing special, nor are any of the encounters here particularly memorable but it looks pretty, and sometimes that's really all that counts.

9. The Dusk Vigil

Not for everyone but you can't deny that this castle in Coerthian Highlands has an atmosphere that is hard to beat. The music, the dread that slowly starts to seep in the deeper you get into the dungeon while picking up the notes, just good stuff.

And it's one of the few optional dungeons that house some fantastic boss fights. The Mammoth at the start and the Griffon towards the end both deserve extra praise for being fantastic creature fights, even if the former was recycled in Bardam's Mettle later on.

8. Matoya's Relict

It's one of the few dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV that dares to be extra fantastical. Venturing through Matoya's workshop, picking up on its little details as you collect the ingredients for a Porxie is just a fun little side quest. Its design is imaginative, it's colorful and it features some really fun encounters with the regular mobs.

The boss fights range from good to a lot of fun. The little Water Sprite is the standout for being the more harmless version of a raid encounter but the Porxie at the end really takes the cake, or in this particular case the bacon. By the way, did you see that the pillow at the start is shaped like Y'shtola's face? It's cute.

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7. The Swallow's Compass

One of the rare cases where it's baffling that this wasn't a main scenario dungeon. Considering the Swallow's Compass is such a prominent location in the lore, you'd expect it to come up in the aftermath of Stormblood, instead, we go there as part of your scuffle with the Four Lords.

The first boss might not be much to write home about but the second and third ones are absolutely worth it. Yes, you get flashbacks to Journey to the West only our ascent to the mountain top but the view is just that good.

6. Doma Castle

Sticking with Doma for a while, let's talk about Doma Castle. In and of itself, not the most interesting Dungeon in the game but Gates of the Moon, the theme song of Doma Castle makes it up wholesale. That song rules and gives you the right energy to lead a plucky rebellion to victory.

Once again, bosses are not particularly interesting but the Scorpion Mech gets extra cool person points for being an FFVII reference.

5. Mt. Gulg

The penultimate Dungeon of Shadowbringers is just fantastic. Really easy to say why as well, just climb up a gigantic stone Talos while things are exploding all around you. It's quite the spectacle, especially once you transition from a rocky climb to a bleached white castle.

As for boss fights, they're all pretty solid. The lion at the start makes for a fun dance, the rubrics cube angel makes for great practice if you want to learn how to slide cast and the final boss could easily be a boss in an Alliance Raid.

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4. The Heroes Gauntlet

Capping of Norvrand Adventures is the Heroes Gauntlet which precedes the Seat of Sacrifice. I'd just talk about how good 5.3 as a whole was but let's talk about the dungeon. Running through sections of Norvrand while fighting several different versions of yourself is just a special

So are the boss fights, the first is up against a Ninja who uses the same skills players can use, the second is a Necromancer who makes me believe we'll see that Job eventually and the last is up against a very angry Warrior man who's party forced him to play Dark Knight.

3. The Ghymlyt Dark

Another one of the “cool stuff is just happening” dungeons is The Ghymlyt Dark which wrapped up the Stormblood expansion. This was the first time we had an all-out war, similar to the intro cinematic happening in the game and it was epic.

Boss fight-wise, this one isn't that exciting. The big robot is just a merry-go-round, the drill is really just finding the one place you're not getting hit in but that all is forgiven by the time you meet the twins. They are just cool, period.

2. Amaurot

You know this one was coming right? The closing act of Shadowbringers is nothing short of amazing. Be it its breathtaking vistas, visual storytelling, or tasteful callbacks to bygone days. That is what Amaurot is all about, bygone days seen with the context of what followed.

It is a fantastic dungeon, on any other day the best one in the game. Each of its bosses is fantastic, be it fighting in the streets dodging buildings collapsing, or fighting in space against unrelenting horror while the world below you is set ablaze. And Emet's narration makes it even better.

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1. The Dead Ends

Doing everything Amaurot did but on a larger scale, The Dead Ends is the best dungeon overall. Given it has the luxury of being the Final Dungeon of the Final Expansion in a Final Fantasy game. The Dead Ends has players journey through several doomed stars, each a reflection of our own.

It also features some absolutely amazing boss fights, with the final one being a fun, stressful affair that has players move back and forth. But it only wins over Amaurot because you can earn the Starbird minon here which happens to have a 1% drop rate. I have it so I'm allowed to like this dungeon.

And that is all we got on dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV, for more news, info, and other stuff about the critically acclaimed MMORPG, make sure to check out other coverage such as our breakdown of the recent Letter from the Producer Live here.

Our Top 10 FFXIV Dungeons
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